Saturday, June 30, 2012

Church History Online

The Church History Library is now online.  One interesting find... Marilla Terry Crawford Hansen and her six kids crossed the plains in 1861 in the same pioneer company as Solomon Joseph DeSpain.

90 years later her great grandson, Lloyd married his great granddaughter Marna.
My dad's grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Hansen was a 4 year old on the trip and mom's grandfather, William Joseph DeSpain was an 18 year old in the same company.

They were part of the David H Cannon company which arrived in SLC, August 11, 1861 5pm.
The civil war started on 12 April 1861. This company organized on 19 May 1861  and left Florence (Neb) on 1 June 1861.

As an indication of the condition of Solomon's wife, Ruth... David Alvin DeSpain was born 1 Sept 1861 in Granite UT as her tenth child..

(note added: My dad's sister Irene  married a great grandson of Solomon Joseph DeSpain in 1943).

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Knight Family Farm


Dan's present to me for Father's day.

(also a test of video on this blog)
One of several so let me know if this works well enough for you before I add the rest.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Katie's Trophy for Band

Katie was invited to march with the Middle school marching band at the end of the school year and then recognized as the outstanding new band student for the year at IBL.