Friday, October 31, 2008

Larry McGee

I don't have a picture, but I thought someone ought to say Happy belated Birthday to Larry.

So Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Coming Attraction . . .

Meet the newest member of our family . . . . our baby boy, due March 16th.

We think he's not a morning person, he kept rubbing his eyes during the ultrasound. But this one looks like he's praying for the person to stop poking him. (That or for me to stop laughing.)

I'll spare you all the gender photo. Needless to say, we know he's a boy no question.

Love you all,
~Cherry, Ross and "Shammy"

PS Shammy's short for Shamrock since originally he was due on St. Patty's day. A real name is still in the works.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elsie Gifford McGee: Grandmother

Elsie Gifford McGee was born 29 Oct 1895, the youngest of 13 kids of her parents, Alpheus and Sarah Elizabeth. This is a photo of her at age 58 in about 1953. She was born in Springdale Ut, which is surrounded by Zions National Park. At the time, the park didn't exist and her father and brothers used to haul timber out of the high places for use as lumber.

The picture is of a mountain called Cable Mountain. They used to run a zipline off the mountain to bring logs down to the valley floor. Occasionally they'd ride the cable themselves.

She married Ross McGee when she was 26. She got a whole family all at once and then added 6 more of their own.

Grandma McGee was a great cook. She had a large coal burning stove in her kitchen. They raised their own chickens and grew vegetables. They had the fattest carrots I've ever seen and her pickled beets were pretty remarkable as well. She passed away in 1976 at age 80.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John A Maynes II: Greatgrandfather

John A Maynes II was born 28 Oct 1859 in England. He and his family joined the Church in England. He was baptized in 1875. Soon thereafter he came to Utah where he met his wife, another immigrant from England Selina Jane Sabine. They were married in the Logan Temple in 1882 which seems unusual. (It was dedicated in 1884. Dad, can you find out if it was being used before its dedication?) They had 6 kids in 8 years and then a straggler 13 years later. We come through his oldest, John A Maynes III. The youngest was Dorothy born in 1903. John and Selina served a mission as a couple back to England in 1913-1915, taking their youngest with them. John died on his mission in 1915 at age 55. His slightly older brother Joseph(born Aug 1858) had also returned to England as a missionary with his wife in 1910 and died on his mission in 1912 when he was 53. Both brothers had been members of the Tabernacle Choir in Utah, but before the days of recorded performances.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rachel Chase 7th Great grandmother

Rachel Chase was born 25 Oct 1679 in Massachusetts, already 2nd generation in America. She was a granddaughter of Elizabeth Philbrick. She married Samuel Knight in 1700. Together they had six kids. She died in 1724 at age 44. We come through her son Samuel who was 14 when his mother died.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Elizabeth Philbrick 9th great grandmother

Elizabeth Philbrick, born 23 Oct 1621.
She was the daughter of Thomas Philbrick, an immigrant ancestor, although she is probably also an immigrant as a child. The Philbrick website has recently been updated with our line. They were early settlers in New Hampshire where she married Thomas Chase in 1642. They had 4 or 5 kids before she was widowed in 1652. She passed away in 1679 at age 55. We come through their son Isaac Chase.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

William IX Duke of Aquitaine

William the ninth, born 22 Oct 1071 is our 25th Great Grandfather. William is often spelled Guillaume. He was known as 'The Troubador' and was the first troubador in the Occitan language. Eleven of his songs/poems survive. You can enjoy them here. For me, they must lose something in translation.

I endear all my friends to come to my death
and to honour me greatly
since I had and kept joy and disport
far and wide, and in my own abode.

He died in 1126 and was described in the 13th century as:
'... one of the most courtly men in the world and one of the greatest deceivers of women. He was a fine knight at arms, liberal in his womanizing, and a fine composer and singer of songs.'

We come through his second wife, Philippa Mathilda and their son William the tenth.


Monday, October 20, 2008






Below are some pictures of the action

The beginning

we can see through to the other side

(This is my favorite picture that i have)

the aftermath it is all just a pile of garbage

Destination Flight

The planets finally aligned. Ross and I were able to go flying again (finally). And we were able to go somewhere. So this was our first "destination flight". Our destination started out being Siskiyou Airport in California. We went to Pelican Aviation and ran into these guys who were also going flying. They warned us not to go to Siskiyou--nothing there apparently. So we took their advice and headed for Montague, California. Montague is six miles from Yreka/I5. It's about 40 minutes flying from Klamath Falls direct line. Our map:


Before we could leave, we had to contend with all the other planes on the runway. F15s included:

It was very busy. The funny part was when the United/Sky West airplane had to wait for our little Cessna to take off. Neiner neiner!


There are a group of pilots from Klamath Falls who fly to Montague every Saturday. The Airport Operator's wife makes fresh home-made cinnamon rolls to share with all the pilots. It was rather ironic; before we knew if we were going to get to go, I told Ross I wanted to go get cinnamon rolls. So I got my cinnamon rolls after all. The people there were super nice! After cinnamon rolls, we walked into the main part of town about a half mile away and got there in time for their Farmer's Market (and a cool statue).

Then we got back in the plane and flew home. Gotta love my pilot!!!

And if that wasn't cool enough, last night Ross's buddy called him to see if he wanted to go flying. His buddy is a brand new instructor and needs some instructor hours. Ross being a new pilot can still use hours with an instructor. So they went for a night flight--and I got to tag along. It was beautiful flying over the city at night!!! And we got to try out a new plane (instead of the rental Cessna). It was so awesome.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Bob!

I'm trying to get back on the ball! But apparently my computer is not cooperating. If I ever get it figured out I'll post a picture for ya! For some reason it is taking an extremely long time to upload pictures to the blog.

Sorry for slacking lately. Our house went through some major upheaval this last week. Frank and I went up to Las Vegas to the Renaissance Festival so Frank could add to his sword collection and the day after we got back we went to the animal shelters to find the new additions to our family. Frank promised me after Nikita passed that we could wait until after Vegas and he held to his promise :-)
So we now have Sadie (a four month old puppy) and Molly (a 10 month old puppy) training us on how to be puppy parents again.
Well pictures when my computer stops acting up
Happy late birthday Monty and Dad! (and also thinking about Derek who's birthday was the 12th too)

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!

Happy 82nd Birthday! Still young enough to ride bikes with the grandkids!
Love you,

Happy Late Birthday to Monty!

I know I'm late posting for Monty. He had a terrific birthday! I took a personal day and we took Noelle out of school for the day and we went 4 wheeling for his birthday. It was well worth it to have some fun quality time. Now I have proof that he does smile sometimes! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

11 October or 11 December

I was going to post about a 9th Great grandmother, born a twin on 11 October 1641, but the family group sheet also shows them being born on 11 December. The better documented source looks like December is correct, but the discrepancy is based on some rational thinking. Most likely the original record didn't name the month but said something like born the 11th day of the 10th month of 1641. To us that seems like October. But if you think about the names of the months, you notice that Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec all sound like derivations from the latin for seven, eight, nine and ten. It turns out that in the 1600's, the first month of the year was not January, but March, which puts the last four months in the correct order with their names. So I'll wait till December to tell a story about Mary Allen.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Michele M. This generation

Michele, (my love) was born on October 10th, her grandmother's birthday (coincidentally, I was also born on my grandmother's birthday ).
Her greatest joys are in her family. Shown above with her mom and here at Katie's blessing with the whole clan. She worked as a nurse till we married and has worked even harder since then as a full time mom. She makes things happen and gets things done.

We celebrated our anniversary (and our October birthdays) with a trip to San Jose for the 'So You Think You Can Dance' 2008 Tour. For her actual birthday, we went to the local high school homecoming game (where Jerry Rice Jr. caught a touchdown pass against our team) and shared a serving of chili in a bread bowl.

Timothy Ide 8th Great Grandfather

born 10 Oct 1660 in Rehoboth Ma. son of the immigrants Nicholas Ide and his wife Martha Bliss. His father was one of the first settlers of Rehoboth, Mass. in 1643.

Timothy Ide gained fame and the rank of Captain as an Indian fighter, being a leader in several campaigns against the Indians.

He married Elizabeth Cooper in Oct or Dec 1687. Together they had 9 or 10 kids. We come through their daughter Elizabeth born in 1690.

He died in 1735 at the age of 74.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monte P. This generation

Monte P.; Heidi's Husband celebrates his birthday on 8 Oct . Someone with pictures should put one up. The best one I have is the family photo from Noelle's blessing. Monte is sitting between Mom and Heidi with Noelle on Mom's lap.

Here's another group picture with Monte way in the back slightly off-centered.
Sorry this is late. But Happy Birthday.

Hannah Terry; 3rd Great Grandmother

Hannah Terry, born 8 Oct 1785 in Goshen, New York She married Parshall Terry in 1802 in Palmyra New York.
She was 10 years younger than Lucy Smith but their kids overlapped in age and they knew each other after the Smith's moved to Palmyra. The Terry's moved to Canada around 1820 so were isolated from the early events of the Restoration in Palmyra. But knowing the Smiths, they were open and receptive to the missionaries when they came to Canada around 1838. By that time many of the kids were grown and married, but many of these families joined the church and moved together to Illinois just as Nauvoo was being founded and the exodus from Missouri was underway. Hannah received her patriarchal blessing from Hyrum Smith (I have copies available for those direct descendents who value their own blessing.)Eventually the families moved west from Nauvoo and settled in Southern Utah. Hannah passed away at Rockville Utah in 1877, just 4 days before she would have turned 92. We come through her daughter Marilla. Another daughter, Elizabeth is the 4th great grandmother of a girl in Primary with Katie in our ward. So they enjoy being 'cousins' in the same ward. (Actually 5th cousins once removed).

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Margareta Ten Waert: 8th Great grandmother

Margareta TEN WAERT was born 5 Oct 1608 in Amsterdam, Holland. She married David Provoost in 1630 in Holland. They moved as a young couple to the new world sometime around 1638. Together they had 10 or 11 kids. One of her grandsons David Provoost born 6 Oct 1872 became mayor of New York City from 1699-1700. We come through her son Benjamin and David's sister Marie.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daniel's 6 Months old!!!!

Well we have made it to six months and Daniel is doing great. It has been a fun month. One of Daniel's favorite things to do at church is to be as loud as he can during the Hymns. I think it is kinda cute that he is trying to sing. As soon as the music stops he just sits there and is quite till the prayer is over.

He also loves to roll around. He gets himself stuck up next just about anything that is on the floor and if it is small enough it goes into the mouth. And keeping things off the floor is a bigger task then I had imagined. The other day I was doing laundry and the sheets were all in a pile on the floor and he managed to get himself all wraped up and stuck in them he thought it was the greatest thing. Daniel is also learning how to sit up. Although he can do it, he just has to figure this balancing thing out.
We are not sure how much he weights now or how tall he is cause we missed his Dr. appointment so I will have to send an update later in October.

We have been experimenting with solid food for a couple of weeks now, mostly just rice cereal. But this week I decided to start something new so were trying sweet potatoes this week... He LOVES them!! I was laughing so hard but we did managed to get a few good pictures. I think that next month he might be a little orange in the skin but oh well, he will still be cute. I told him that next week we are going to try squash and he got really excited, so we will see.
We love taking care and raising this wonderful little boy. He is truly a blessing and a handful all at the same time. But I really do enjoy it and I look forward to the days ahead. It is so neat to watch him discover new things. And to see him get excited when Adam comes home from work is really fun. I cant wait for the hugs and the kisses that he will be able to give in a few more months. Being a Mom is truly a blessing.
Well we will talk more later.
Adam Betsy & Daniel

Henry III, King of England

Henry III. Plantagenet, King Of England (1216 - 1272), was born on October 1, 1207, at Winchester, and died on November 16, 1272, at SaintEdmundsbury, and was buried at Westminster Abbey. He reigned from 1216 to 1272. He was only nine years old when his father died, and he was crowned king of England, on October 28, 1216, reigning for fifty-six years till his death. .. He was the first child king in England since the reign of Ethelred the Unready.

On January 14,1236, he married Eleanor of Provence. We come through two of their sons, Edward I and Edmund. Henry III is our 22nd to 25th Great Grandfather.