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Follow-up Visit

So we spent another lunch at McDonalds. This time we could bring a camera and take pictures. The kids loved taking pictures too so I can share a few that they took.

For the views from the other direction... well, you'll just have to come over and visit.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Better than an Ultrasound: December 16, 2010

Michele(Before...from Facebook) This will be a day to remember.

Michele(After...from Facebook) I don't even know how to explain what a wonderful experience we had today. The kids were darling, affectionate, playful, and easy to be with. I had brought pictures of Larry and I, Melody and Katie and our dog Daisy. The kids took the pictures home with them. We also did some art and I'll keep those. We see them again on Tuesday next week. Could not have been any better.

Larry: Looks like we're in for a long slow process. Only one hour today, but it went well. The social workers didn't know there were two McDonalds near their office. The one closer to their office was not the one they were going to. The one near their office is actually in another city (San Carlos) 0.8 miles from the office. The one in the same city (Belmont) is 1.5 miles from their office. By the time they got our message and connected with us, the kids were starving. Happy meals.

Next visit on Tuesday. Same location. (no pictures on the internet until things are final.)


So a quick update,
Adam was offered a new AMAZING JOB the first part of November in Provo ut. We then moved to Springville Ut. and are getting ready for what this next year has in store for us. Hoping that it is a less stressful year than this one!!!!!!!
Adam is still in school and is 4 SEMESTERS from graduation!!!!!!!! I am still staying home with Daniel for now and hoping to start school someday.
Daniel is keeping us on our toes, he is very curious, very busy, and very its his way only... He is loving playing in the snow, making treats with me in the kitchen, and riding his bike. Daniel loves to talk about everything and will ask a million questions about the simplest things. I love answering him because he really is listening to you and eventually he says OH... and goes on to playing or what ever it is that he was doing!
We are loving our new house and opportunities!! Check out or blog for a longer post of what we have been up to this year. I did leave some things out of the newest post. Let me know if you need our new address or have any questions!! Hope you have a great Holiday Season!!!

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Rolls from Carla

2 cups boiled milk
1 cube butter (not margarine)
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
mix together and let cool

1/4 cup luke warm water
2 tablespoons yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
mix together and let sit to rise

when milk mixture has cooled to luke warm you may add yeast. I usually wait until it is cold. then add

6 beaten eggs
about 8 to 12 cups of flour
mix and knead I usually knead it for about 10 min. set aside and let rise. I form balls or other shape I desire and then dip them in melted butter and cook.

Oven temp 425 for 15 - 20 min. Brush with butter when you take them out of the oven. This makes a lot of rolls.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We're expecting

Michele McGee
(on Facebook) Well, I'm up to 95% sure now. Two more kids will be joining our family soon ( maybe before Christmas). [One] who is 4 and [the other] who is 3. I'm picking up beds for them tonight. Need car seats. Freecycle here I come! We are thrilled, excited and feel blessed.

More from Michele: Necessito praticar Espanol. Muy importante. Quieres Jugar? Tienes hambre? Que te pasa? Hora de vestirse. Hora del bano. Mama te ama. Es hora de limpiar. Tienes tiempo tiempo libre. Tienes que ir al bano?

The kids are siblings. They have mixed heritage including Tongan. They're in foster care with a Spanish speaking foster family currently.

Larry (Foster kids for now so no pictures until final). But you're welcome to visit us.

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Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Family member on a mission in Alabama

As Dad mentioned in a recent comment, an Elder from Brigham City, headed for the West Indies (Dutch speaking) is waiting for his Visa while serving in Alabama. Elder Guinn arrived this week and is shown with Andy's mission president. As Dad also mentioned, he is a distant relation. As I calculate it, he is a 4th cousin with Whitney's generation or step 3rd cousins once removed with Andy. i.e. his mother and Andy are in the same generation.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm Headed to . . .

Hi all, I thought I should let you know that my first post is going to be Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  I'll be in DC for a little while because I have to learn Spanish, but after that I'm off to the Mexican border for a couple of years!
Me with the Mexican Flag presented to me at Flag Day
There's still time for anyone who wants to come visit me while I'm in DC!!  If not, I hear that even singles get a 3-bedroom house in Juarez, so I'll have plenty of room there.  Maybe 2012 family reunion can be held at my place! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Melody is on the high school tennis team this year. Playing doubles but with changing partners. So far she's undefeated. Here is a recent news article.

FTA...Against Westmoor, Terra Nova earned all three of their points in doubles. The Lady Tigers have not lost a doubles point in any of their matches this season. Playing in the No. 1 spot, Izzy Clayter and Kelsey Clausen had their toughest match of the season but they stayed perfect with a 6-3, 4-6, 6-2 win. Melody Chow and Christina Coberly won 6-4, 6-3 and the No. 3 duo of Ashley Martyn and Laqura Cosette coasted to a 6-0, 6-0 shut out victory....

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This Blog is just starting up but some of you might find it interesting.

Why linked to the McGee family blog?

Jenn, the author of the blog, is a young mother, but also a greatgranddaughter of Ross and Elsie McGee...i.e 2nd cousins with Dan, Laura and the rest of you from that generation.

Enjoy getting to know your distant relation through her interest.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Andy featured in Mission Blog

Andy was a major subject in the mission blog today. Looks like they'll be using their bikes more from now on. Here's a picture of them getting the bikes tuned. Andy's new companion is fresh from the MTC last week.

As always, Andy has a big smile no matter what is going on. See the other pictures on the blog.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter from Andy

It's been a busy week. Here is part of Andy's letter today.

Alrighty. My first week as a trainer has been wonderful. Elder Klabacka is a work machine. We are basically opening a new area, so what we are having to do is tract. Something that we have decided to do is make Member Areas. A member Area is basically what it is titled. Since we only have so many areas to tract (and those areas mostly have at least one member inside) we are going around and inviting the members to help us. What we do is make an appointment with the member, come over with a binder that's full of information, and explain the binder to them. The binder: 1) An introduction to what we are doing (it is all in Spanish; it was the first essay-type thing I have ever written in Spanish and it's not too shabby [just a couple grammatical errors here and there]);; 2) An area map of that specific member's area; ... This whole project is to help us forward the work here in Birmingham Alabama. The other Elders in our district liked it so much they are gonna do it with us. This will be wonderful. I am very excited. I have been assigned to play the Hymns on Sundays.... I know, right? What I do is just read the top two notes and make up the bottom with chords that I think the top pertains to. It works out for the most part. Before this they were just singing a capella. I've played songs I have never even looked at before (to play). But that's okay. Speaking of Sunday, yesterday something amazing happened. Elder Klabacka and I were blessed. The other elders dropped us off at a member's home so we could talk to them about the Member Area, but they didn't answer the door, so we decided to knock their next door neighbor's door. A short history: their next door neighbor has been taking the lessons for a long time now, but in the passed months there has been no contact at all. So we decide to knock on her door and see how she (Eva) is doing. A man opens the door, we ask him if Eva is home, says yes, a woman comes to the door and talks to us for a sec, invites us in, and (mind you this whole time we thought this was Eva; we were literally talking to her as if she were Eva) we find out she is not Eva at all, but her sister. We get to talking and getting to know each other and eventually start a lesson. We start down the path of Jesus Christ and the things he has done for us. Elder Klabacka, being the wonderful missionary he is, talked about how Jesus Christ was baptized, so we read 2 Nephi 31:5 with them. At that moment, I explained that we were messengers from God in their house that day to invite them to follow that example of Jesus Christ and be baptized- long story short, we invited them, and Adalina (the sister) right away said yes. She says she wants to have a new life, a new beginning; and that is the beauty of this gospel and the reality that it brings. Another miracle: Americo , Marce, Delilah, and Juliann were all baptized on Saturday 25, 2010. This is a family that I love with all my heart. Elder Stephens and I were working with them for this date for a long time, and it has finally come. I have pictures, so hopefully I'll be able to send it to ya. I had the privilege of baptizing the two daughters. I had to baptize Delilah a second time because her hair popped up out of the water! Haha. It was a great baptismal service; they have made many changes in their life to reach this point.... It was a sight to behold. If you could not tell, I am doing great. I feel good, I feel happy, and I feel excited. I'm going to get a haircut today, the weather is cooling wayyyy down, and I have no more money. Meaning I'll probably not eat as much and I'll get skinnier. I've already gained about 15 pounds being out here. (A lot of that is muscle though... hahaaa.) I'm kidding about the not eating part- partially. I think we'll receive some reimbursement or whatever. Alrighty, I guess I've written more than enough. I'm sure there is more on my mind, but y'all will just have to wait til next week.

Love,Elder Chow

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mission Zone Conference

Andy with his companions and mission president and wife at the Birmingham Temple.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Alabama Spanish Mission

Andy's mission president keeps an active Blog. An excerpt from yesterday's entry:

There is an excitement about the Spanish work that seems to have been heightened since Elder González spoke, via a telephone conference, to the Spanish language missionaries recently. Since then, we had visits from Elder Robbins and Elder Cornish. Each of them has helped these wonderful Spanish language missionaries see the bigger picture and provided excellent training. Great things are happening as a result.

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Change in Blog

Hey everyone, I discovered an easy way to keep track of individual blogs for the family.  You will notice on the right a new feature that lists the blogs (if anyone else has a blog that they would like added, let me know!).  The blogs are sorted by most recently updated, and as of right now show the latest update and most recent entry title.  I may change this later (depending on feedback and my own personal feelings about it).  Let me know how you like it.  I may maintain the blog, but this is our entire family's, so if you don't like something, let me know.  Or if you want to see something else, let me know there, too!
Also, I only had one link that wasn't a blog, so I left that as an other link...

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Happy Birthday Mom

As pretty as ever. Almost like yesterday.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bahamas! and moving

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've updated you on what is going on in my life. This past week I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I had a lot of fun. You can read all about it on my blog.
Other than that, I am getting ready to move to DC. I'll be leaving in about two weeks. I have 7 days left of work, then the moving company comes to pack me out. I'll have a few days in Bismarck before I fly out. I have a lot to do before then, and I'm starting to feel the time crunch, but I'm excited to be starting my new adventure.
Above, me on a catamaran. You can see my cruise ship in the background.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Capacitación Especial

The Spanish speaking Elder's recently had a training conference in Alabama. The new mission president keeps a blog up-to-date on happenings in the mission. Among other things they recently created a new Spanish Branch in the mission.

Andy is happy and doing well. He's a senior companion and a district leader. Every photo he is in, he's smiling widely and he's usual right in the center of things.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brigham City Temple Groundbreaking

So Josh and Adam made it into the spotlight with the Brigham City Temple Groundbreaking. Looks good. Click the link for the video.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More distant cousins

A few months back, I posted on a distant Maynes cousin and his recent call to be mission president in Denver South. I am a 3rd cousin with him. This picture shows his daughter and her family. So this mother is a 4th cousin with Laura. The kids are just over 2 and about 6 months. The picture comes from a blog they recently started, titled 'I love Claire too'. Their oldest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in the beginning of July. The blog records the fear and faith that they are experiencing.

One comment from an early post(July 10th):
Since the diagnosis, praying has become more of an open dialogue rather than an event, and I called out to Heavenly Father and asked why an innocent two-year old has to suffer through so much that she can't even understand. I wasn't angry, I just didn't get it. I still don't, but the response made me feel like I don't have to. A distinct impression came to me... "She's my daughter too". That was all I was told, but it was enough. Thinking about it, I realized she was his daughter first, and He loves her at least as much as I do...

Reading it brought back a lot of memories for me from the time my family was dealing with chemotherapy. Very different because it was an adult patient, yet in many ways very similar as the fear of the unknown future was relieved by prayer and the power of Priesthood blessings to reassure that all would be well. Also similar were the many people who supported us through that time with dinners and help. It is so great to be part of the household of faith to be able to help out in situations like this and to have that help and concern extended. I encourage you to read though their stories and to include them in your thoughts and prayers.

Will's 1st birthday

Happy Birthday Will. You have a great smile!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Reunion Activities

Here are some pictures from the reunion. Cousins playing with Cousins was the most important part for me.

Getting Family Groupings photographed was also a big part. Cherry and her family (Linda) were our hosts and the sponsors this year.

Bob and Rachel trying to get a serious photo.

But this is what they were looking at.

The activity for the reunion was a trip to Crater Lake. Incredible blue color.
We could have spent a few more hours there.

Without knowing, you might think this is looking up BUT instead, it's looking down to the lake.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Reunion excitement

From a note on my facebook.

So miracles happen every day. Are they only miracles when things turn out the way we want? I know some who reject most miracles because not everyone gets the miracle that they want. Myself, I look for the hand of God and have no trouble seeing it where ever I glance. I pray for my own kids that they can have experiences that open their eyes to the power around us.

So the whole family was traveling yesterday to reach a reunion in Oregon. I had talked with Heidi at around 9:30 am and then decided to call at 1pm to see how they were progressing. They had slept in Winnemucca and started out around 9am. This time, my Dad answered the phone and asked if 'we'd heard about what happened'. No. so what happened? Apparently 3 hours into the drive, Dad had gone off the road down the embankment. No one was injured and they were back on the road with just some damage to a car door.
Bob and Rachel were driving ahead of them, saw the cloud of dust and then turned back to see what happened. The car was stuck at the bottom of the embankment but Bob was able to get it out and back to the road. Some Oregon State Patrol men stopped by and noted the incident and that there were no injuries. Heidi is doing the driving for the rest of the day.

As Bob described it, near the bottom of the slope, they hit a concrete culvert (that caused the door damage) which caused the car to quit sliding (and tipping) sideways and turned its motion back in line with the wheels so they could roll to a stop. Mom said it was very scary and she expected it to roll over at anytime but that they were calm during the time it was happening. After they stopped, the kids started screaming and the reality of the close call set in.

The day started with a prayer for protection. So were they unprotected because they went off the road? ... or from the eyes of a believer were they protected as they went off the road such that the car didn't rollover and no one was hurt.

Myself, I look for the hand of God and have no trouble seeing it where ever I glance including yesterday.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Andy in Alabama

Andy at a mission leadership conference.

See the mission blog.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pick and Flower of England

James Sabine and Jane Holder [GreatGreatGrandparents] with their son and daughter would have emigrated to America in a company similar to the one illustrated in this clip. Jane Holder Sabine joined the Church in 1859. They emigrated in 1866. I earlier posted about Jane Holder Sabine's Bible.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank you

Just wanted to throw out a huge "Thank you" to those of you who put David Miller's (Frank's nephew) name in the various temples this past week. I appreciate you being willing to do that for us. His family decided to release him from life support this evening and he passed away shortly after that.
Love you all and know I don't tell you often enough, especially those of you that I only spy on through blogs and facebook.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Cousin

Brianna Ruth ...
Born 12 July 2010 ~2pm
6lbs 10 oz.

Congratulations to Josh, Catie and Benjamin

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looking for another Family reunion?

One where you won't know anyone but might get to know some lost cousins? Try this:
2010 Joseph Sr. and Polly Knight Family Reunion
July 30-31, Salt Lake City

Registration RSVP pdf forms attached or visit and download form

Friday July 30, 11 a.m., tour Jesse Knight Collection, BYU L. Tom Perry Collections, downstairs Harold B. Lee Library, Provo

Friday July 30, 3-4 p.m., visit Church History Museum and Joseph Knight cane displayed, 45 N. West Temple,
downtown Salt Lake City

Friday July 30, 5-7, registration and dinner, 7-9 fireside, guest speakers: Dr. Larry Porter and William Hartley, historians,
11000 So. 1300 East, Sandy, LDS ward

Saturday, July 31, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., brunch and conference, Historic Wheeler Barn, 6351 South 900 East, Salt Lake City

If I was in Utah that week, I'd go to the Friday Fireside at least. Look at the PDF file. It has some color pictures and a lot more detail.

Our connections: McGee-Elsie Gifford-Alpheus Gifford-Lora Ann Demille-Anna Knight-Joseph Knight

Friday, July 9, 2010

My news!

So, I received my invitation to orientation/training for the US Dept of State Foreign Service today! I am really excited about it, but haven't really had the chance to process what everything means. I've known ever since I took the Russian language test and was bumped from #37 to #5 (yes, it affected my ranking that much!) a couple weeks ago that this was coming. So, that means that I've been preparing in all the ways that I could.
First, I've been trying to get my stuff in order (after all, I came back to Bismarck to go through my stuff, and I succeeded in doing just that!). Next I've been trying to figure out the logistics of moving with my cat, Gizmo. I learned recently that depending on where I go (even to just travel through certain countries on my way to another location) I would need to have an ISO compatible microchip in Gizmo. In addition, I need health vaccinations! I took Gizmo to the vet this morning and got all of that done. When it gets closer to the time to travel I will actually have to get a health certificate to take with me. I got him a microchip which was injected with a large needle (though surprisingly he seemed to feel one of his vaccination shots more than that one). More or less, I have everything in order to travel with Gizmo.
Now comes the more difficult stuff that I couldn't even begin to touch until after I received my invitation. Since I am moving to Washington DC, I have to figure out lodging (though luckily the State Dept has a contract with a company that provides temporary housing so I will not have to pay anything out of pocket for rent/utilities, and the housing is pet-friendly), I have to figure out travel arrangements, including transporting my things, and most difficult, I have to figure out when I'm going to leave Bismarck.
I told my boss today that I got my offer, and she told me that she cried after she got my message. Everyone keeps saying that they're going to miss me, and that makes me feel good and sad at the same time.
My class begins September 13. That gives me just over 2 months to get everything prepared. I don't have a lot of information/specifics on how A-100 goes (that's what they call the training class), but I've heard that it will take about 4 months. Then, depending on where I go, I may have language training that could result in my being in DC for up to a year. That's about all that I know, but I will definitely keep everyone posted when I know more!

Rachel A.

finally got her invitation to start training for the foreign service! DC HERE [she] COME[s]!!!

[Hey Rachel... you are in charge of this blog!...How come we have to find this news on Facebook first?]

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Andy's New Mission President

The Mission Presidency changed on July 1st. Andy's new president held meetings with the missionaries on Tuesday. Andy was featured in this photo. The new president is maintaining a blog of their experience where we (and you) can follow along.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One year older & Wiser too...

Happy Birthday to Carla!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Andy's best friend

So Andy's best friend from our ward (Jared) is serving a mission in the Nashville Tennessee mission now, which is just to the north of Andy's mission. So we got this story from him today...

My companion and I (Jared) are walking out the apartment complex, and there's a young couple and the dude's mother sitting there and eating watermelon. We say hello, and then they offer us some watermelon(!!!!!). End of story.

No, but then we get to talking and all that good stuff, and it turns out he's a less active member, she's not a member, and the mother knows a lot about the church but isn't a member either! She's visiting her son and came up from Alabama. Well then I told her that I had a buddy that was actually serving a mission down in Alabama, and she asked what his name was (like she'd know!). "Elder Chow," I told her. "Yeah! He's Spanish speaking and teaching my next door neighbor right now! He usually comes by there on Thursdays." !!!!?!?!?!?? WHAT?!?!!!!! I grabbed out my camera to make sure we were talking about the same crazy cute chinese child, and lo and behold, it was!~!!! I then grabbed a picture of me, wrote a quick note, and wrote down the wrong address to the mission office so he could write me. (Can you give the right address to Sister McGee please?!?!)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Extended Family

From a recent Church News:

Clifton F. and Betty Z. McGee were married 70 years ago on June 3, 1940 in Gallup, New Mexico, and were later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. They are members of the Fremont Hill Ward, Mesa Arizona Salt River Stake. Parents of 4 children, they have 18 grandchildren and 51 great-grandchildren.

I think this is one of Dad's 1st cousins. Someday we should get a list of all the descendants of Solon and Emily McGee

Catie's Birthday

Happy Birthday. Borrowed from her blog. Wouldn't today be a good day for another birthday? ... Since your new one already passed on Temple Day. Good Luck.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update from Andy

[update 23 June 2010]

I'm leaving Alabaster

Yep, that's right- I'm leaving the nice clean town of Alabaster, AL and heading off to Bessemer, AL. But that's not what makes me nervous. What makes me nervous is the fact that I'm going to go Senior Companion, District Leader, and follow-up trainer. I've been Junior my whole mission so far! But I have been blessed by having every one of my companions a District Leader; the first one was my actual trainer, the second my follow-up, and my third a DL. So I have some pretty good examples under my belt. I think over the next couple of weeks I will truly understand the concept of faith, hope, and prayer. But what's even more awesome is that my companion now will be training! He's going to be training a missionary who was called to Guatemala but has not received his Visa quite yet. I am sad leaving this area, there are a lot of VERY amazing people (Arlene, Clemente, Brother Betke) but it's okay. I thought to myself, and decided that every area could have their very own Arlene or Clemente, they just need to be found first.
Some things before I forget: When are Laura and Dan's birthdays? I would hate to miss those. And I do not quite have the address of my home in Bessemer, so I'll get that to y'all next week. If you want you can just send mail to the office. And a little something about Bessemer- apparently you hear gun shots every now and then around the home. Excitement.
Sorry to say I do not have any new pictures to send off. But my camera is getting full so I might have to send the USB home so y'all can see everything from my camera. (And if I do send it, just copy everything that is on it, but keep all of still in the USB, because it is plenty big for 2 years I think. I just want to make sure that I'll still have it after 2 years.)
I don't have too much time right now, so I'll just make this quick. I am seeing time and time again on my mission the importance of having a question if you want to receive an answer. I don't really want to repeat myself and bore all of you, but if we do not have a question, the answer is just information. Preach My Gospel says the honest truth seeker will find the truth of the Book of Mormon, that it DOES testify of Jesus Christ, and that through a testimony in it we can receive a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the word Restore, restoration, restored. Somewhere in Mosiah 13-16 it tells us exactly what that means. That it goes back EXACTLY how it was. A lot of people that we talk to tell us that all is well if we just wait until the Second Coming, living the life with alcohol and women, it'll all be good- because God loves us and He'll make everything perfect. Oh if it were so. A missionary from this ward just came back from his mission in St Petersburg, Russia, and in the talk that he gave he told us of the sadness that envelopes Russia. Not knowing where to find true happiness, a lot of the time they are lost in alcohol, immorality, drugs, etc. True happiness... is found in the hands of our Heavenly Father, in the arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and by the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Gotta go, but want to let you all know that I miss you and pray often for your safety.
Elder Chow

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello, Hola, Ni hao, Zradstvitye, Konichiwa, que mas hay...

[Andy's letter from the week I was gone]

Too bad I can't actually speak all those languages. Really only the first two haha. But it's even crazy to think that I can actually kinda speak the second one...
How's it all going? I hope it is all well. Thank you Uncle Rick for your letters, I love to read every one of them. And maybe even study a few haha.
Well what has been going on with me? A lot of seeing people goes on. I can't say that too much is different here in Alabaster, AL. The work is moving- slowly but surely. We have had some pretty good lessons this past week with some people- sharing the experience of Joseph Smith and about the Book of Mormon is always a good topic. Answering questions about "La Muerte" (Death- a Catholic Saint...); why, if everybody worships the same God, does it matter if we have one "church"; why Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are even important in the first place (and how they are three separate beings). I love the Articles of Faith. If one can study that and understand it all (to it's fullest!) he or she would be a scriptorian.
A few things that have happened this past week: Went jogging yesterday... and got lost.... for about 50 minutes... I was jogging mostly the whole time. I was pretty surprised I could last that long. We tried to take a "shortcut" that ended up not being one. Obviously. Had a very powerful Sunday School on Sunday- we had a testimony meeting with all the Hispanics and with some members who can speak Spanish. It was very powerful, especially the testimony of Arlene (a recent convert of about 6 months) and of Clemente (a recent convert of about 3 weeks). It was really awesome. And really great for the non-members that were there attending that. Today I went to the Birmingham Temple for the first time on my mission. It was great! It is very small, maybe 1/4 of Oakland, but it still serves it's purpose as a House of the Lord. While inside, I opened up to Alma 41- a very interesting chapter to turn to. If y'all have time, I encourage all to read it and pray about it. Maybe even 40-42. Or the whole Book of Mormon. Haha.
Lately I have been thinking about the Pure Love of Christ and the Love that Our Heavenly Father has for us. It is something tangible. Very tangible. St John 17:3, 1 John 4: 19 +18 (on purpose), Moroni 7:40-48, 2 Nephi 2, Alma 40-42, etc. A 4 letter word, but a very powerful one.

Thanks for all the love and care y'all send me. I really do appreciate it.
Elder Chow

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back from Zions Camp

A week of camping near the snow. We gathered all the Ute fans in camp (5 out of 190). perhaps more but 4 of them stood out from the crowd. More pictures on my facebook page.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andy's letter for 9 June 2010

¿Como esta mi familia? y amigos si estan leyendo esta carta...

Well, my past week has been good. A short little summary: I have figured something about the South. No matter if it is raining or not, you will get wet. I biked in the rain (pouring rain mind you) and I also biked the other day when it was very clear, humid, and hot. I would say I was just as wet after biking in the sun as biking in the rain. It was gross hahaha. Ah well. It's good exercise. I think I'm getting better- I definitely feel it in my legs afterward. Also, I have helped discover chicks (pollitos) at a member's house and had the privilege of naming one. I named him Chowito. Meaning "Little Chow." and yes, he is the runt of the pack. I feel a part of the family already. What else... I had pretty delicious fish- fried in oil. OH. DEEP FRIED OREOS ARE DELICIOUS. So you take an oreo, pancake mix, and fry it in oil, until a nice golden brown. Take it out, and eat it. It is delicious. The South is so revolutionary with their cooking.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Patti

For those who wanted to read the rest of the story but couldn't find the link, Here it is!. Patti's Blog

Happy Birthday to me!

Just thought I share a bit of what we did last Saturday for my birthday. We went bowling with friends! We totally are not going to be on the PBA tour any time soon but it was fun! For more details you can check out my blog, I've actually updated it :-)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dan and Elaine

Dan and Elaine celebrated their wedding on the beach in Mexico last Wednesday. This is a photo from back on the ship. Elaine never did find a good time to throw her bouquet.

Here is a link to more photos from the beach.

The cruise was fun. We all survived. The biggest problem... too much food, so now I need to eat crackers and water for a few weeks and try to get back into shape.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Relay for Life

I don't know if you have heard of the Relay for Life, but I am participating this year. It is an event designed for fund-raising for the American Cancer Society.

Here is a copy of the email that I've been sending out.

Dear Friends and Family,

This year, I am helping save lives from cancer by taking part in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, and I’m hoping you will support me.

Most of you know how cancer has significantly affected my life, and many of you have been affected in similar ways. I know I will never be the same after losing my mother to a short, but difficult battle with cancer. I am blessed enough to know that is not the end, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to help spare others from that kind of pain, both the kind that my mother and my family have experienced. The battle with cancer is always a difficult one. I want to do what I can to help further research and develop a cure.

For those of you who are not familiar with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life, it is a life-changing event that gives people in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. At Relay, teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events up to 24 hours in length.

In addition to helping people celebrate, remember, and fight back, Relay For Life also helps raise much-needed funds and awareness to help the American Cancer Society save lives from cancer and create more birthdays.

Please support me in my efforts by visiting my personal web page to make a secure, tax-deductible online donation.

RFL FY10 BP - Donate Btn

Every donation really does make a difference. I know that times are tighter than normal for many of us, but any amount you can give truly can help save lives.

You see, thanks to your support, the American Cancer Society can:

  • Help people stay well by helping them take steps to prevent cancer or detect it early, when it’s most treatable

  • Help people get well by being in their corner around the clock to guide them through every step of their cancer experience

  • Find cures by funding groundbreaking research that helps us understand cancer’s causes, determine how best to prevent it, and discover new ways to cure it

  • Fight back by working with lawmakers to pass laws to defeat cancer and rally communities worldwide to join the fight

Each of us has our own reasons for caring about the fight against cancer … whatever your reasons, I hope you’ll choose to make a difference by making a donation online to support my efforts. I’m so grateful to have great people like you in my life who want to see an end to cancer in our lifetime. Together we can save lives

Thank you, and I will keep you updated on my progress.

Please check out my personal page, and if you can, donate, even if it isn't much. If you choose to donate, I have luminary bags and I will write the name (and a personal message, if you'd like) on one for the relay.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Very needed!!!! New pictures

Ok so i know that it has been over a year since I last posted anything. It has been such a busy year I don't even know where to begin. Things have changed quite a bit since last year. We have moved four times and been through four to five different employers. Adam is still going to school at UVU in orem. He is currently out of work and has been since the beginning of march. We are doing anything and everything in our power to find employment and could use a few prayers our way.
As for me I am still just Mom, I have applied to re-enter school and hopefully will hear from them shortly.
Daniel just had his second Birthday and is doing great. He loves to play, and would be outside all day if it was not for naps....
I know that is is not very much information, but I will try to get some more thoughts together and then I will post again. I will do my best to keep this updated from now on. But here are a couple of photos. I will probably post some more tomorrow!!!