Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Reunion 2010 -- Activity Idea?

Hi Everyone,
I contacted a company that travels to different events and venues to set up "Olde Time Photos". Below is what they told me. The question for everyone is this--
  • Are you interested in having an old time photo of your family?
  • Are you willing/able to share some of the cost?
Please let me know your family's opinion so I can get back to them.

What we do: For a pre-paid fee, Old Time Photo will provide backdrops, costumes, and props for each guest we photograph. We can print your sepia portraits on-site, or mail them later. Family events are unique as they offer dynamic opportunities for heritage portraits such as: all sisters, multi-generational, cousins, etc. During your event, our primary concern is capturing as much imagery as your guests will allow. There is no min-max number of portraits or prints within reason. Printing off-site saves valuable event time. For a typical family reunion, I like to bring the images home to print them. Most folks like to see an 8x10 of the 'nuclear family' with 5x7s of the children, the parents together, maybe an 11x14 of a multi-generation portrait, etc.

$980 - Basic package includes up to five hours of your event. This will cover up to 70 prints, plus a CD with jpgs so you can have your images for family history and reprints. I also keep a copy of images, but I find that in every family there is usually a volunteer "historian" who loves to have the images on hand.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missionary Letter 13 Jan 2010

hello :)
Yep. Made it. I now have an apartment, with me and my companion Elder Quiroz. He's a great (apparently legendary in the Alabama Mission) missionary. He's from Bolivia, the ONLY native out here in the mission. Haha! I scored. But he does speak very good English because he moved to California for college and learned english in an ESL class. He's still learning, but from the way he speaks and knows so much slang, you'd guess he's been here for about 5 years or more.

This whole missionary thing is HARD. It is so tiring. In the MTC it was nothing like what it is out here. Yes, we are driving (I actually drove the last two days because ELder Quiroz was sick and could not really focus on driving) and yes, it is definitely cold here. I'm scared to say I wish the cold would go away, because I know what's not cold in Alabama. Very hot.

So, the first day I got to Montgomery, which is the city where I'm serving in, we had two appointments. One with a someone who has never talked with missionaries before, and another one who kinda has. Luckily, the first appointment was in ENGLISH. He's such a good guy. He actually came to church with us on Sunday; he said he liked it and would come again next week! how awesome. 2 Timothy 1:7 I believe talks about how things of God are calm and good-feeling. yyyyyeah.

It has been kind of stressful for me here. It's difficult with the language. We teach a lot. The funniest part though is door-contacting. Because no matter what you say, as long as you make known you are a missionary of the church they will almost always let you in. So, basically everytime you ask someone if you can teach them, they either say "Yeah come in right now" or "Now is not the best time" and you can get their information.

So lemme tell you all a little about Alabama. Or, at least Montgomery which I'm apart of. Yes, the rumors are true. Crimson Tide is a HUGE thing here. Funny story: I was allowed to watch the game. Even funnier: watched it at the Bishop's house. Which was a great opportunity for me to get to know him and his family. I think they like me. I just don't think he has enough confidence in me as a missionary quite yet. But, I still have time for that. It's only been one week. He is a superb guy though. Very nice and very missionary minded. Well anyways, about Alabama- It's relatively flat, with small hills here and there. It's nice, not too loud.

The ward is nice. There's only about 3 Hispanic members, so we're trying to build a branch. We do hold a separate Sacrament meeting in the Relief Society room. I had to give a talk on Sunday... about Nephi and Lehi haha. It was kinda short though because they told me about an hour before and my Spanish is not the best. But I did it anyways. Read a couple of scriptures and stuff. It went alright.
So yeah, that's my stay here in Alabama so far. Haven't eatin much southern food except maybe once at a buffet. I don't even know if I've been eating. I don't remember. Yesterday we had Hamburger Helper for lunch and dinner. And a microwavable burrito. and cereal for breakfast every morning. Oh, we had some pretty good Mexican food the other day.... Yeah haha. I should work on that. But every morning there is time to exercise, which is difficult in itself, because I'm tired allll the time. But I try to get it done. Plus, I know at the end of the day, I can go to a nice and pretty comfortable bed. I really like my bed.

Love you all, and can't wait to hear from you all.

K, I'm hungry. Maybe we'll go out and have some hearty "Hardee's" (which is Carl's Jr for us).

Elder Chow

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alabama makes the DrudgeReport

But since the DrudgeReport changes so often, here is the link that was highlighted.

Alabama off to coldest start since 1940

Andy got there just in time.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Andy out of the MTC

So Wednesday morning, Andy will be out of the MTC and on his way to Alabama. He sent the flight details on Monday. One thing we did notice, it's colder in Alabama than it is in Provo (picture). Hope he's gotten used to the cold. Maybe people will be compassionate and let them in when the weather is bad. They did for me in Germany (but it had to be more than just cold. Usually it took freezing drizzle to open their doors to us.)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shirley Jeanne Nelson Maynes 1929-2009

From the Deseret News:
Shirley Jeanne Nelson Maynes 1929 ~ 2009 Shirley Jeanne Nelson Maynes returned to the loving arms of her Heavenly Father on December 28, 2009. She will be happily reunited with her parents, relatives, friends and her beloved grandfather.Born February 26, 1929 in Murray, Utah to William Albert Nelson and Isabell Hardcastle. She lived in Sandy, Utah her entire life. Shirley graduated from Jordan High School in 1947 and attended both the University of Utah and the Brigham Young University. She was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Shirley served in many ward and stake positions. She became a "Golden Gleaner" in 1952. Shirley was devoted to the Mormon Battalion Association and Auxiliary. In 1991 she began 11 years service as the National Auxiliary President. Her goal was to honor and remember the "Women of the Battalion." Shirley wrote the following books concerning these women: "Five Hundred Wagons Stood Still," "Families With the Battalion March 1846 to 1848" and "Third Edition of Women of the Battalion." Shirley was a member of the Utah Trails Consortium and Chairperson of Pioneer Park/Fort Restoration Committee. Shirley received three service awards from the Sesquicentennial Committee during the 1997 celebration. Shirley married Gaylen Despain Maynes on March 17, 1949 in the Salt Lake Temple. She is survived by her husband and three sons, Michael G. Maynes (Melanie), living in Valdez, Alaska; Bruce J. Maynes, living in Sandy, Utah; and his twin, Bryan W. Maynes, living in Sandy, Utah; seven grandchildren, Clint J. Maynes, Ryan J. Maynes (Kortnie), Natalee J. Maynes, Corinne J. Maynes, Ashlee J. Maynes Peterson (Brandon), Andrea M. Stewart (Brian), and Jaron M. Maynes; and six great-grandchildren, Weslee, Deidre, Corwin, Caleb, Olivia and Hailey; and the adopted family of Fred and Wendy Kat and their three children, Amberie (Sam) Fehr, Errissa and Chadsen from Chino Hills, Calif. Shirley was preceded in death by her parents; her sisters, Maxine (Owen) Allmendinger, and Sandra (George) Park. Funeral services will be held at the Mount Jordan 1st Ward, 8950 S. 400 E., Sandy, Utah on Monday, Jan. 4, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. Afterward Shirley will be laid to rest in the Sandy City Cemetery. A viewing will be held at the Goff Mortuary, 8090 S. State St., Midvale, UT on Sunday, January 3 from 6-8:00 p.m. and on Monday at the church before the funeral from 10-10:45 a.m. Shirley was loved, honored and respected for her service and dedication. All who knew Shirley will miss her. Her family wishes to express a special thank you to Sunbrook Hospice and all the medical personnel who helped her through her fight with pancreatic cancer. We are also grateful for the strength and support of our many friends, relatives and neighbors who stood with us during this battle.