Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday GGG Grandma

Anna Nash Gifford, born 17 Feb 1800 Butternuts, Otsego, New York
died 15 Sept 1879, Shonesburg, Washington, Utah.
Shonesburg (I think) is inside the boundaries of Zions National Park.

Mother to Samuel Kendall Gifford.
She lived through interesting times.


John McGee said...

Here is an interesting website:

Larry said...

That website connects onto Mom's side of the family with this link.

Looks like a GGdaughter of Alpheus Gifford (dad's GGGfather), married a grandson of Isaih Huntsman who had married Mom's GGmother after she lost her first husband.

So that is why stories from both sides of the family show up on the same website.