Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another GreatGreat Grandma Birthday

Margurite Feemster, born 16 April 1810 (or 1816)in South Carolina. She married James Harvey Robinson in 1835. She died in 1902 in Noble Ozark Missouri which is the same place her grandson Ross Solon McGee was born in 1882. Ross's mother was her ninth and last child, Emily Lucretia Robinson, born in Mississippi in 1855.

Some records show a nickname of Tirzah Feemster. (on a sheet submitted by Olive Bott from Brigham City)

Here is an interesting excerpt from Ross McGee's journal: (They had moved to Oklahoma in about 1893.)

... Soon after, in the early part of September, 1898, Mother and Dad had planned a trip to Ozark County, Missouri to visit with Mother's people. We had been away a long time. It didn't take us long to get everything ready. With a team and spring wagon, we started on what we though at that time was a long trip – 250 mi. All of us went except the three older boys, Ulys, Elwood and Henry. They had to stay and take care of things at home.

After we started out this day, it began to rain, and as we got up the country further, it rained more and more. Finally we came to the river known as Big Cabin. It was really big and overflowing. This was close to the town of Vinita, Indian Territory, and there were no indications of the river going down, anyway not very soon. So we went back home.

[At home, they found that Mormon Missionaries were visiting with the older boys. They hosted them for two days and then started their trip back to Missouri,]

Now back to our trip to Missouri. We arrived back at the place of our birth, Noble Ozark County, Missouri; back to see Grandma, uncles, and aunts. They were glad to see us. We had so many good things to eat and had good times with our cousins and kin. We had written the boys at home of our safe arrival. In the first letter we received from them, they told us two more Mormon Elders had been there. Father and Mother had told the folks about the Mormons and Dad took the Book of Mormon and a few other little books back there with him. But all they would say was, "Beware of wolves dressed in sheep's clothing." Finally our visit was over and our journey back home was a good success. We were gone four weeks.

[Ross's Dad, Solon Huff McGee, joined the Church in November 1898 and Ross was baptized the following year on the 24th of July 1899.]

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