Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Wolf Update

We figured out this morning why there's a reason they don’t typically do ultrasounds after week 20. Our doctor scheduled an ultrasound because the baby is large for his gestational age and there was a couple other things they wanted to check. So at 7:00 am this morning we were at the hospital getting ready to see our little man. But at this stage in the game, everything is so squished in there that you can’t really see any of the features. We got a couple photos but they don't look any better than the previous ones. The tech was able to take measurements but we couldn’t get a good look at his face. He was being pretty stubborn and kept putting his hands over his face again. The one glimpse we did get made him look really angry. He does have a lot of hair though!! But it was rather painful having all that pressure against my uterus. At one point the room started swimming and getting way too hot. The technician figured out I was about to pass out and made me turn on my side. I guess it happens a lot but I was nauseous and sweating really bad. She said there was too much pressure on the blood veins. It was rough. I had to lay down for a half an hour afterwards once we got home. All that aside, she said everything's good. She calculated based on bone measurements and growth that my due date should actually be closer to March 8th instead of the original March 20th. (The same as my coworker--we might be in the birthing center together after all.) But some of his measurements put him at almost 36 weeks. I’m supposed to be at only 32 ½ according to my doctor. So I’m really curious to see what she says at our next appointment. He’s already 5 ½ lbs! And the measurement error margin is 12 oz so he could very well be over 6. Good grief! Our little over achiever--long bones like his daddy and a good eater like his mommy. = ) There appears to be nothing to worry about. Now I'm just hoping little guy holds out long enough for me to finish getting things ready at work and home.


AdamandBetsy said...

wow this is exciting!! I was only one week farther than that when Daniel decided he was ready.... Very exciting hope things continue to go well. Keep us posted on anything new.

Catie McGee said...

Wow he is big. I am so excited for you guys. Benjamin had a lot of hair too. Good luck, keep us updated.