Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hey Larry! Your are slacking! :-) I thought I could trust you to post the birthdays this year as you were doing such an AWESOME job!
Sorry we missed you HeidiI'm sure this picture makes up for our slacking off on your big day! ;-)
Love you tons!


britt said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Larry said...

That is a picture I didn't have. thanks for posting. As a reminder Patti, you are in charge of all living birthday announcements.

Happy Birthday Heidi.

Cherry said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! I promise, no comments about hair, candles or flames. = ) Big hug!!!

Patti said...

But Larry, YOU were doing so well on living birthdays too! I'll try to do better.

Cherry, LOL!!!!ROFL!!!!!

I'm so glad my family makes me smile :-)