Thursday, March 19, 2009

Belated Birthday wishes!

Ok, so as I crawl out from under the rock. Here are the Birthday wishes I missed.

March 3-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! (she's the one on the left but I absolutely LOVE this picture so I had to use it)

March 4-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY (though I heard that she prefers to be called "Becca" now?)
MARCH 19th (HEY that is today! I'm not late for this one) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kyle!
and because Spring is a very busy time for me at work (at least for now while I have a job in the school system). Here are Birthday wishes for some coming up!

March 22-HAPPY Birthday JOSH!
I'll try and get on to post a picture for Brittany for her birthday (MAR 29) and I am positive Betsy has a better picture for Daniel's first birthday (Mar 29) than I do. But for now I have to go get ready for a stake meeting.
Oh and if you want to see what Frank has been up to lately check out our blog at I have a video of his "dance" taken at our friend's birthday. I would post it here but it takes a REALLY long time to upload videos.

OH and Congrats to Ross and Cherry, Cade is beautiful! Happy BDay to Melody and KC (sorry I missed it but glad others jumped in). I like the new background too Rachel, good luck with the job interview. ANd WOW! Anna I am so impressed that you are presenting at a conference. THat is really cool! I too would love to hear about the "adventures in poop".
Love you all!

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