Thursday, June 4, 2009

McGee Family Reunion

This is a reposting of my previous post. Although we had a couple of comments, according to what we know so far, only Josh and Catie are coming, Cherry and Ross, maybe. Other than that, it seems like the reunion is going to be a lonely one. But we'll still have fun!
I know that Adam is working on a website for the reunion, but I don't know when it will be done, and the time is getting closer. Once again, (with the exception of Josh) we need everyone to comment and answer the questions posed within:

You know what they say, Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. Well, with our family I'd have to say its the other way around! :)
Anyway, we are getting closer to the time of the annual McGee Family Reunion (ok, its still nearly 4 months away) and we are trying to get some things planned. We kind of need to know some information, though.

The Reunion is planned for Friday August 14-Saturday August 15 (starting in the evening on Friday and going to late afternoon/early evening on Saturday). We need to get a count of how many people think they will be coming. So, everyone please respond to this post with the following information:
1. Will you be able to attend?
2. Will you be coming up Friday night or Saturday morning? We are planning a dinner on Friday to start around 7pm, but if you can't get there until later, if we know you are coming, we can make sure there is food left for you.
3. What kind of equipment do you have that you can bring and how much? The reunion is being held at a cabin, but people will need to have tents to camp in. If you don't want to sleep in a tent, there is a town about a half-hour drive away that has a hotel, but it will probably be expensive. We would like to get an idea of how many of these items everyone has so we can make adjustments for those who do not have any or cannot bring them.
-Sleeping bags?
-Foam pads/air mattresses?
4. Finally, how long would you be planning on staying on Saturday? We are also planning a dinner on Saturday to start around 4 with an activity right after dinner (its a surprise, but going to be a lot of fun). We can adjust the starting time of the dinner if most people will need to leave earlier. We want everyone to participate in this activity because it will be the grand finale!

We have a lot of fun things in the works: games, tournaments, activities for kids of all ages, and food. However, we cannot do it alone. We would like to start a reunion fund: $10 per family, $5 if you are single. This should hopefully cover the main dishes for both dinners (everyone would need to bring a side/dessert), trophies, prizes, candy, and smores. If there is any extra money left, it can be put towards next year's reunion as well. Breakfast will also be taken care of on Saturday, so the only meal you would need to worry about is lunch on Saturday (but we are having an early dinner, so it could be a light lunch) or any snacks. We'll have more details about that coming soon.
If you aren't sure if you will be able to come, but think you possibly will be able to, please reply in the affirmative so that we can make sure we enough equipment for everyone. We will need definite answers when it gets closer to the reunion and we need to start buying food/prizes, etc.

I hope everyone can come, it is going to be a great time to relax and spend time with your family!

P.S. You are welcome to go up earlier. If you do, any food will be your own responsibility until the reunion starts. I believe Monty and Heidi will be up there the whole week.
The pictures included here are from previous family activities that I took pictures at. As much fun as these things were, the reunion is going to be a lot better!


Patti said...

Ok, I was holding off answering because I was hoping we would be able to come but it looks like we will not be there. Frank is looking for a job and I am starting full time at the clinic (rather than the schools) in August. I really wish I could be there and hopefully someone will post LOTS of pictures and video!

britt said...

I will be there ALL week. I am going to go up on Monday! My parents have a lot of camping stuff and am not sure everything that they have.

Kleigh and Jenn said...

our son will be there with his grandma and grandpa

we wont be due to lack of funds
the economy has hit us hard

Michele said...

It is possible that Larry will be the only one to attend from our family.

Larry said...

For now I am planning to come with Katie. Michele and Melody will stay home as Melody finishes her recovery from surgery (scheduled for next Tuesday). Andy may or may not come, depending on how his other plans for working and a mission develop.

We'll be flying in so we'll need to borrow as much as possible. Sleeping bag etc.

Who is collecting the funds? Do you need them ahead of time, or just our committment to pay when we get there? Thanks.