Monday, November 9, 2009

Andy MTC comments

So my first couple of days have been a little... stressful and difficult, but also very fun. Right after you dropped me off I was guided throughout the MTC getting my tags, books, room, and other things. I really barely had time to think. I met my District the first day. A district contains all the missionaries in your class. Some are going to the Dominican Republic, Las vegas, Alaska, New Mexico, Chicago, Washington DC, and then me, Alabama. An elder is actually FROM Alabama, so I've been talking to him about how it is there. It makes me more excited to go haha. I might even experience tornadoes. Everybody seems to really love it here. As hard as it was for me at home to wake up early or go to bed early, it seems to be a lot easier here. Although I am very sleepy throughout the day and sometimes fall asleep during classes and meetings, I can still wake up around 630 everyday and do my morning routine. What else... oh, I have seen a lot of friends that i made back at BYU here. One of my neighbors here was actually one of my neighbors in my dorm at BYU. Oh, my Spanish? no bueno. It's harrrrd haha. But it's only been a couple days i guess.

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Larry said...

The Elder learning Spanish and going to Alaska is Andy's companion for the MTC.