Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Robert's Distinguished Educator Award

Extracted from emails:

Spencer: That's really cool that Dad got that award.

Robert: (From Dad)
> > Well, Thursday we went to the award ceremony. The Math department held the
> > dinner on the third floor of the Gordon B. Hinckley building. It is the
> > alumni and visitor center at BYU. They had set up round tables with 8
> > settings each. The podium was right in front of table Q. Guess where we
> > sat. That's right on table Q. We were able to take the three youngest.
> > Isaac was going to go but he remember that he had a paper he had to write.
> > Besides us, the asst.principal and his wife sat on our table. I invited
> > three of my students from mathcounts and two of them showed up with a parent
> > each. They started with dinner. it was spagetti and they had a chicken
> > pasta, caeser salad and cheese crusted garlic bread. they had three kinds
> > of dessert. After dinner they gave me the award for outstanding educator.
> > This was only the second year for the teacher award. What an honor.
> > Afterward Jena David and Trischel got goody bags and t-shirts and then they
> > gave us goldfish out of the centerpieces. We took 4.
> >

Spencer: Sounds like the award ceremony was really neato. Did you name the
> fish? Have they already died? Congrats on the accomplishment. It's
> kind of weird how you got your award the same day I was asked to train
> and be district leader.

Larry: But what is this update from you? Award at BYU math department? I looked for it on the internet but only found an earlier award for you, I think from 2008.

Robert: I was nominated by Professor Wright at BYU for distinguished Educator for my work with the AMC8 and how successful my students last year were.

...AMC8... The AMC 8 is a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills.

Congratulations. Tell us more details.

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