Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Bye old van: Hello new car

The day that Michele and Katie finished selling GS cookies, I took the van to Costco, filled it up with gas and drove home. Next morning, we couldn't drive it away from our house. Something wrong with the transmission. We'd been pouring money into it at an ever increasing rate, so the last time... last month we decided to replace it in July when its registration expires . But with this problem, we gave up. No more repairs. So Michele went shopping and got her first 'real' car, a 2011 Toyota Avalon. So now we have a car loan for the first time in about 15 years.

The old van got donated to the West Coast Charity for Children. . (run by friends of ours so even the overhead goes to a good cause). Lots of good recent parts so someone will get a nice deal if they know how to fix the remaining problems.


Lloyd said...

Congratulations Michele. I didn't see an answer to the Girl Scout question. Larry,I didn't see the Melody car parked on your street\Do you still haveit?ie

Larry said...

Yes, we still have Melody's car. But its in the shop for new brakes (again).