Friday, January 25, 2013

Whitney Wins First Prize

Stay Curious Video Contest Winners 

Thank you to Blue Ribbon everyone who participated in the Stay Curious Video Contest! Forty-three very curious Ben Franklin Academy students submitted videos, and five will be awarded prizes. We applaud every student who chose to share his/her curiosity with us.

The prizes are as follows:

  • First prize goes to Whitney ....., kindergartener, for the thoughtful and creative way she demonstrated her curiosity via Curiosity Theatre (√† la Masterpiece Theatre). She queries how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, if a tree makes a sound in the forest when it falls, how much wood a woodchuck chucks and what types of creatures live in our local lakes. Whitney will receive two tickets to a professional Colorado sporting event and an iPod Shuffle.
  • Ana Julia, first grader, takes second prize for her creative video inquiring about electricity. Ana has won two tickets to a professional Colorado sporting event.
  • The third prizewinners are William and Aiva Titus, third and first graders, respectively, for starring in a well-thought out video about simple machines. The Titus family wins an iPod Shuffle.
  • Mina Poleschook, first grade, takes fourth prize. She and her little sister showed their curiosity in wondering about kinetic force. Mina wins an iPod Shuffle.  
  • Fifth prize goes to Marissa Kersey, seventh grader, who is curious about global warming and chose to inquire about it in her Halloween costume. She also wins an iPod Shuffle.   
The prizes awarded to the top five video winners are courtesy of Matt Krohl (professional Colorado sporting event tickets) and 360 Media/Solie Swan (iPod Shuffles). Mr. Krohl and Mr. Swan are both members of the Marketing Comittee; Mr. Swan serves as the committee's chairman.  

Ben Franklin Academy students have done an incredible job Staying Curious. Keep up the good work kids! 

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Larry said...

A very cool video which you can find by looking at Laura's facebook. Worth the search.