Monday, October 7, 2013

Elder Maynes mentions Joseph Watson Maynes

Elder Maynes spoke  Sunday morning in conference.  He is third cousins to us so his dad is second cousin to Mom, Same relation as Josh and Catie's kids are to Laura and Jesse's kids for example.

He include a short story from the life of his great grandfather, Joseph Watson Maynes.  He was the just older brother of our great grandfather, John Alexander Maynes II (5th child and third son but named after his dad). (born 14 months apart)

Both brothers were part of the Mormon Tabernacle choir but before recording devices.

Both served missions back to England where they grew up.  Joseph died in 1912 on his mission at the age of nearly 54 of a heart attack.  John died in 1915 also on his mission in England at the age of 55.  John had his wife and youngest daughter Dorothy with him on the mission.  Here is a link to some pictures of him.

There seem to be lots of Maynes relatives who died in their mid 50's.
Mom's dad (John Alexander Maynes III) died in 1940 at age 57.

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