Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Anna Knight and Freeborn DeMille

GGG Grandparents.
Today is the birthday for Anna Knight. 5 March 1804 in Marlboro Vermont. She married Freeborn DeMille (birthday 3 March 1795) about a week after she turned 15. She died in 1878 while he survived till 1881. Photography became popular in the West in the 1870's so it is very rare to have a photgraph earlier than that.

Anna was the mother of Lora for whom our Laura was almost named, but at the last minute we decided to go with the more common spelling that also allowed her to have the feminine version of my name. Our Anna has two ancestor 'Anna's who were mother and mother-in-law to this Lora.


racheldemille said...

Hello, McGees!

My name is Rachel DeMille. My husband is Oliver DeMille, son of Van, son of Raymond, son of Oliver, son of Oliver, son of Oliver, son of Oliver, son of Freeborn. I just happened upon your image of Anna & Freeborn, and thought I'd check in. I can be reached at


Johnny and Jenette said...

I happened to come upon your photo on google. Anna and Freeborn were my great grandparents as well. How wonderful!