Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Congratulations Sara!

I just wanted to say, "Congratulations" to Sara, who graduated from Bismarck High School on Sunday. I was able to go up for the weekend (that's why I didn't make it to see Ross and Cherry, though I wish I could have done both) and it was a nice ceremony. For those of you who don't know (since my sisters aren't always good at updating, and neither am I), I am back in Utah, taking classes this summer to prepare for my own graduation next April (so plan ahead!). Elizabeth came back down with me and will be in Utah preparing to go on a mission (more information forthcoming, after we know). Sara will be moving down to Utah at the end of June to get her residency before starting college here. I guess that is all for now!

First picture here is Sara getting her diploma. They did it differently than usual this year and had a line on each side of the stage, so we didn't see Sara's face when she got her diploma. The other picture here is one of the few we could get with Sara looking at the camera. Most of the time she hid her face.


Adam&Betsy said...

yay... for graduation!!! What are you going to be going for in college?

JoshandCatie said...

Yea Sara, you rock like a rock!