Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daniel is 2 months today!!!!

Hey everyone I am two months old today!!! And I like to sleep, Mom says that it is ok if I want to sleep cause it helps me to get bigger. Today we went to see Dr. Wilcox and he said that I am doing really good. That I weight 11lb 12oz and I'm 21.5" tall. I have been learning lots, I am trying to hold my head up all by myself, but mom says that I have to be careful cause I only get one of them so she has to hold the back till I learn how to do it myself... I really like to smile, but it makes me really mad when Dad tickles me! I am trying to figure out how to use my hands but they just keep hitting me, so sometimes I just give up and take a nap. Well I got to go Mom says I need a new diaper. Will talk to you guys later.

Love Daniel McGee

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