Friday, May 15, 2009

Exciting News

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I had my Oral Assessment for the Foreign Service today and I passed! This means that I have a conditional offer of employment. Pending my security, medical, and suitability clearances, I will have a job. If something goes wrong in those clearances, then I won't have a job, but I don't expect anything to go wrong.
If you want to read more about my day, check it out on my blog (there is a link to the side as well).
Thanks to everyone that prayed for me to do well! I am so glad that it is over, but I am even more glad that I passed! Soon it will be off to the far reaches of the planet for me!


Catie McGee said...

You so totally ROCK!!! We are so proud!

AdamandBetsy said...

I totally agree with Catie on this one, You do rock and we are very proud and excited for you!!!!!...

Lloyd said...

Congratulations. We are proud of what you have been to do and wish you success in your assignments.
I have been home from the hospital for two weeks now and things are going pretty well. I went to my dr here in Brigham last week and have another appointment next thursday with him. I am still on oxygen but feel pretty good almost all of the time although I get a little tired if I spend to much time working on my name extraction assignments. Your grandmother is doing a good job taking care of me and insisting I don't overexert myself too much. Our neighbor's children are being baptized tomorrow so we plan to attend the baptism. Their father was ordained a priest a couple of weeks ago so he can baptize them.
let us know what happens in the future.
G&G McGee

jackie said...

Hello everyone,I was given this site address by a church in Exeter,Devon. UK.We are researching the Keep family and the lady at the church thought you may also be interested.My gt,gt aunt was Emily Elizabeth Keep married to Joseph Maynes.Weare descended from Richard Keep born 1820.Some one please get in touch.My e-mail is

best wishes from Jackie.

Larry said...

I noted your question. Elizabeth Keep is my Great Great Aunt as well, but through her marriage to Joseph Maynes.
As such we don't have any direct information on her. As they were converts to the LDS church, much of our family history has already been researched and is available on the internet. I use the website. A quick look for Elizabeth Keep (d 1920) shows her line goes back to her 7th Great grandfather. Thomas Keep (Abt 1582) and Elizabeth Barnes (abt 1587)

Good luck with your efforts

jackie said...

Larry, it would be great to hear from you again if you did,nt mind.Do you have any photo,s of Joseph?

Best wishes from Jackie