Wednesday, May 13, 2009

troubles and help needed

we lost our car today. we fell behind a bit on the payments as a result of kc lost his job last december. now he has no way at all to get to work. he has a job doesnt pay much but it was something.

i am so bitter and angry right now


Larry said...

Sorry for your misfortune. Not sure what help you are asking for. I have a car, I'm about to donate to a charity but its in California and probably not worth any effort to get it close to you. Of course if it was in good shape, I wouldn't be donating it.

Miracles do happen however. There is a lot of power in prayer. KC knows what to do to access that power. Good luck and I'll be pulling for you.


Kleigh and Jenn said...

Right now we just would like your prayers as we try to sort out this "mess." I have contacted the LDS employment assistance office for our area to see if they would be able to help find me a job. So far the state's employment office has not been that helpful.