Sunday, July 26, 2009

Once again . . . about the reunion

So, I still have not heard from everyone about the reunion. Check out my previous post and please comment on this one if you haven't already responded. Time is really running out! I don't know what is going on by way of plans since I am not in Utah, but here are the tallys for people:
YES (sorry if I misspell names, I don't see your names enough in writing to remember the correct spelling)
Josh, Catie, and Benjamin
Larry and Katie (?)
Rebecca (?)
Adam, Betsy, and Daniel
Monty, Heidi, Noelle and Carson

Frank and Patti
Kleigh, Jenn, and Kleigh Jr.
Michele, Melody, and Andy (?)

Ross and Cherry

Also, Brittney said that her parents have a lot of things, but we don't have any specific numbers, so we don't know what we still need for those who are coming. Please respond no matter what your answer is, we really need to know!

P.S. I think we will be collecting the money when you get here . . . but I don't really know.

I look forward to seeing those of you who will be there! This may be the last McGee family reunion that I get to go to!


Larry said...
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Larry said...

Rachel, We're glad you are going to make it. With your job situation, I thought it might be hard for you.

Yes Katie and I will be there. Melody and Michele will not be there. Andy is a probably not.

Thanks for coordinating this. And thanks to Monte and Heidi for helping out.

Cherry Wolf said...

Ross, Cade and I will not be able to make it. The car ride would be too hard on little guy right now. He doesn't like his carseat so we'd have to stop every 3 hours. Can't wait to see pictures though!

Lloyd said...

Grandpa and Grandma are planning on being there. We will be driving out to the reunion site on Friday with Larry and Katie and whoever else he brings. They are coming into SL on Thursday afternoon Aug 13. I am speaking in the Brigham 9th ward on Sunday 16 Aug. Anyone who wished to come are welcome. Sacrament meeting is at about 11:00 am

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure I already said no for us... I'm already past my due date and we won't be traveling with a newborn. Have fun!

Michele said...

Melody is doing so well in her recovery that she is able to attend the reunion. So that means Larry, me, Andy, Melody and Katie are all coming. Plus a bonus. Dan will be coming with his girlfriend.