Thursday, May 20, 2010

Andy In Alabama

Andy sent this picture yesterday. Here are some extracts from his letter:

How's it going? Hope all is well, everything is fine here with me. Doing good and just continuing the work here in Alabama. ...
I played tennis this morning with an investigator named Enrique again. He's a cool guy. Apparently his parents housed missionaries when he was a kid! And they aren't members? Can you do that? I guess so... Well he's pretty cool, he wants to get back into it and he says maybe it's his time to start up again. The bad thing is that he lives out of our boundaries, but works inside ours. That's how we know him, because he works at a cowboy gear store. And by the way, when I return, I am becoming one. Hat, boots, pants, shirt. You name it. BELT. So awesome. [maybe that's where the white hat came from??]

I'm going to start bike riding! Crazy.
As for more to say... Cholula sauce is delicious. The restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings is delicious. The restaurant Jim and Nick's is delicious. So is Five Guys. It is delicious. And when you get the time, go to a Mexican Tienda and get "El Milagro" tortillas. They are the best. And if you ever eat at a mexican restaurant, try to get Pastor (taco).

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