Saturday, May 1, 2010 is a new location for building family history records. I recently added to the skeleton information already there for a couple of our people.

Grandpa Ross McGee link here

Grandma Louretta Maynes link here

Karen Atwood link here.

Grandma Elsie McGee link here

Grandpa Maynes link here
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(The site tries to sell yearly memberships but much is available free, just create a free basic membership and click past those offers.)


Laura said...

Cool. I was looking at that Excel file you made for my common ancestor with Jesse. How did you reasearch that? This article doesn't list a daughter named Amy:

I Googled Amy & some places showed her as an illegitimate child of Piers Gaveston, but in that case she wouldn't have been related to Margaret de Clare.

Larry said...

Thanks for following up. The list I found, i consider only a roadmap for further research (like you are doing). There are lots of sketchy items that may mask over the genetic truth. When you get into more detail, you can find the holes, but then that can help lead to additional links. The math of the situation guarantees a common ancestor, the question is how far back?