Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Family member on a mission in Alabama

As Dad mentioned in a recent comment, an Elder from Brigham City, headed for the West Indies (Dutch speaking) is waiting for his Visa while serving in Alabama. Elder Guinn arrived this week and is shown with Andy's mission president. As Dad also mentioned, he is a distant relation. As I calculate it, he is a 4th cousin with Whitney's generation or step 3rd cousins once removed with Andy. i.e. his mother and Andy are in the same generation.


Catie McGee said...

FYI- TJ (Elder) Guinn's parents are really good friends with Patti and my parents. And, Catie and I taught TJ in Sunday school when we first got married.

Larry said...

Elder Guinn received his visa and left Alabama for his mission in the West Indies last week.