Saturday, October 2, 2010


This Blog is just starting up but some of you might find it interesting.

Why linked to the McGee family blog?

Jenn, the author of the blog, is a young mother, but also a greatgranddaughter of Ross and Elsie McGee...i.e 2nd cousins with Dan, Laura and the rest of you from that generation.

Enjoy getting to know your distant relation through her interest.


Larry said...

So Dad called to try to figure out who this Jenn is:
Greatgranddaughter of Ross and Elsie McGee
Granddaughter of Dad's sister Leola.
Daughter of my cousin Connie.

Lloyd said...

I called and talked to Leola last week and talked about her granddaughter and congratulated her on having a blogger. She said she was at their place at the time and watching conference with them.
In church we found out that one of the missionaries from our ward is one of the "Visa"missionarties in Andy'smission. His name is Elder Guinn whose g-grandfather in your mothers cousin, his mother was Dorothy Dixon

Larry said...

So Dad... How else is he related. I can't place him on the family tree without some more info. Who was the common ancestor and what are the links to him? Thanks.