Thursday, December 16, 2010

Better than an Ultrasound: December 16, 2010

Michele(Before...from Facebook) This will be a day to remember.

Michele(After...from Facebook) I don't even know how to explain what a wonderful experience we had today. The kids were darling, affectionate, playful, and easy to be with. I had brought pictures of Larry and I, Melody and Katie and our dog Daisy. The kids took the pictures home with them. We also did some art and I'll keep those. We see them again on Tuesday next week. Could not have been any better.

Larry: Looks like we're in for a long slow process. Only one hour today, but it went well. The social workers didn't know there were two McDonalds near their office. The one closer to their office was not the one they were going to. The one near their office is actually in another city (San Carlos) 0.8 miles from the office. The one in the same city (Belmont) is 1.5 miles from their office. By the time they got our message and connected with us, the kids were starving. Happy meals.

Next visit on Tuesday. Same location. (no pictures on the internet until things are final.)

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Larry said...

Tuesday visit got postponed to Wednesday. We're flexible.