Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We're expecting

Michele McGee
(on Facebook) Well, I'm up to 95% sure now. Two more kids will be joining our family soon ( maybe before Christmas). [One] who is 4 and [the other] who is 3. I'm picking up beds for them tonight. Need car seats. Freecycle here I come! We are thrilled, excited and feel blessed.

More from Michele: Necessito praticar Espanol. Muy importante. Quieres Jugar? Tienes hambre? Que te pasa? Hora de vestirse. Hora del bano. Mama te ama. Es hora de limpiar. Tienes tiempo tiempo libre. Tienes que ir al bano?

The kids are siblings. They have mixed heritage including Tongan. They're in foster care with a Spanish speaking foster family currently.

Larry (Foster kids for now so no pictures until final). But you're welcome to visit us.

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