Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another date

So today we had another meeting with the new kids. This time at the home of their aunt and uncle who are the current foster parents. They also do daycare work, so the backyard is full of play equipment. For most of our visit the other kids were on nap time, but our kids came out to see us and ran up to give us big hugs. We sat at the kitchen table and talked with the parents for a long time, mixing Spanish and English.
Tomorrow the kids are coming to our home for the first visit.

Two social workers came with us for this visit, but one of them excused herself as her role is finished and we transition to the last social worker who will be the key contact for the rest of the adoption. She'll be bringing the kids tomorrow.

Michele and I took a 'Survival Spanish' course on Wednesday. Spanish in 4 or 5 lessons. But unfortunately it doesn't come with some magic method. Instead it's some in person discussion and links to online lessons with lots of homework. But it's a start. Of course, Michele already has a good start so this is more like a review for her. I thought maybe I should focus on teaching the kids English more than me learning Spanish. We'll see.

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