Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Home visit

So the kids came to our home on Friday for the first time. The social worker brought them about 4 and they stayed till around 7, as she had to take them back to their foster situation by bedtime. Katie and Melody were very excited and took the kids around showing them the rooms and our toys etc. The little boy was really exited by the dog (Daisy) and was happy to get Daisy to chase after him as he ran around the backyard. He's a fast runner and didn't quit. Eventually Daisy gave up and jumped on a chair to watch the boy. And then he would stop and try to get her to jump down and chase him some more. They are about the same size, so when Daisy decides to jump up and lick his face, its a bit scary but he held his own and wasn't afraid.

Now that the kids have been here and we have been to their place, Michele can now drive to pick them up without a social worker. Next week, three daytime visits and then a sleepover on Friday night. The week after that we get to a double night sleepover and they can come to church with us. So things are picking up. Might even make the plan of being in our home by the 1st. We're trying to get the almost 5 year old into pre-school or mid-year kindergarten which is just starting up.

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