Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family Reunion

Ok, so I know this family is famous for procrastinating.  But it's official!  Frank and I have booked our hotel room for the reunion.  Who is joining us?  We check in on Dec 26th and check out on Sunday as we have to be back to work on Monday.  We need to know who is coming so we can plan activities around what people want to do.  Johnny has put out several options that include Sea World, Disneyland,  Legoland, San Diego Zoo, etc...  Come on people! Let's start making decisions!


Larry said...

We're coming with 5 of us. Not sure the exact dates yet. Hoping to coordinate with Jim and Carla's plan.
We are planning Saturday at John's for the reunion and Sunday to be at his ward with them.

Catie said...

We aren't planning on going this year. We have had some big medical expenses lately and Josh has had to use a lot of his vacation time. I hope you all don't have too much fun without us!

ekatwood said...

I will be able to make it as well.

Catie said...

Here's our plans:
We are driving with Grandpa Wed. Dec 26. and returning on Tues Jan 1.

We've talked about going to Hollywood, hike to the bat cave, and the beach on one of these open days.
Thurs - Open
Friday - Legoland
Saturday - Reunion
Sunday - Church
Monday - Open
Tuesday - Drive home