Monday, October 29, 2012

Mom's Favorite Recipes

For quite a while I have been working on a book of my mom's favorite recipes. Rachel suggested that I get it published, that there were some websites that could do that. I have recently completed it. This is what the front and back covers of my book look like:

In the book, I have included a picture of Mom on nearly every page, a brief description of the history of how it came to be a favorite for every recipe, and a Nutrition Facts chart for every recipe.
Here are a few of example pages from the book:

 I do have a way to order them but I currently only have it on a private account. So, to order one it would have to be through that, but the price goes down with each book ordered in the order so if anyone wants a copy, I could order them, and bring to the Family Reunion if you're there. I would need to order it by December 1 to get it before the Reunion.
From 1-20 books, it ranges anywhere from $26.66-$23.61 each book.  This includes shipping to my place. The books are in full color, which is why they cost so much.


Larry said...

Put me down for one. Do you need to pay in advance?

ekatwood said...

It would be nice, although I won't know how much each book will cost until I know how many people want one.