Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Charles Peter Cunningham GGG-Grandfather Birthday

Charles Peter Cunningham was born 10 June 1788 in Rutland Vt. He married Sarah Stevens and their first 5 children were born in Rutland. Our ancestor, Seviah Cunningham was their sixth child, born in 1829 in Woodstock Ontario Canada. The eighth child was born in 1833. Sarah, the mother died in 1835 . Charles remarried in 1838. Sometime during their time in Canada, they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and moved to Missouri to be with the Saints. There they suffered persecution and were with the Saints as they were driven from the state under the extermination order. They moved to and helped build the City of Nauvoo. He eventually moved west and [died in 1883 in Salt Lake City.]

Note added 7 Sept 2013... Comments by visitors to this blog  indicate some of this is in error. Not sure where I got the part about death in 1883.  He and his family were in a Pioneer company that arrived in Salt Lake in October 1850 .  At that link his death is listed as 11 June 1880 but no location.  A hand written note from my grandmother (Charles Peter's great granddaughter) indicates Pomona CA, (consistent with the comments added by visitors to this blog.) but she indicates a date of 1882.


kjr said...

I found this blog post when I was searching for Charles Peter Cunningham and Ontario. I have a question -- not really a comment for your blog. I have a Catharine Cunningham in my family tree. She died on 25 Jan 1900, in Oxford, Ontario, Canada. The estimated birth year would be about 1831, in Woodstock Ontario -- I found the death registration image on ancestry.com. Do you have any records that list Catharine as Seviah's sister? That would make Catharine the seventh child of Charles Peter Cunningham. The mystery I am trying to solve, is how/why did Catharine remain in Ontario instead of going with Seviah to Missouri.

Larry said...

Our family group sheet lists the seventh child as Catherine Cunningham born 6 Mar 1831 in Woodstock Ontario Canada
but death date in 1898, and a spouse listed as Robert Cuthbert. I don't have much documentation, especially for side lines like this. This probably came from the LDS records available at FamilySearch.org


Hope this helps.

Jerry said...

Like kjr, I was searching for Charles Peter Cunningham as I believe he was an ancestor of mine.

I think this is my ancestor:
http://earlylds.com/getperson.php?personID=I8351&tree=Earlylds and that I am a descendant of the children with Mary Ann Williams.

I'm wondering a couple of things. First, you mention that he died in SLC in 1880. Where did you find that information? Mary Ann died in Pomona and I have reason to believe Charles did also so this is contradictory to your note. Also, do you have any information on the other wives and their children?

Thanks. If we are related somehow, that would be interesting.

Jerry said...

Like kjr, I found your site in a search for Charles Peter Cunningham.

Do you have an history of his other families? I think he married a woman named Mary Ann Williams in the mid-1800s which would form the lineage for my branch of his family.

Also, I think both Mary Ann and Charles died in Pomona but you mention he died in SLC. Where did you find that information? It contradicts my research so I'd like try and figure out where the discrepancy comes from.

Here's the page I am referencing plus the 1880 census in Azusa/San Jose.


Unknown said...

Charles P. Cunningham is my GGG Grandfather. New Family Search shows that his first wife, Sarah, died in 1837 in Grand Island, New York. The Pioneer Index (from the LDS website) shows that he crossed the plains in the William Snow/JosephYoung Company in 1850. He was 62 years of age. He was traveling with 2 wives; Lucy Welsh Cunningham, 31, who died crossing the plains, and Mary Ann Williams Cunningham, age 20. New Family Search also call him Doctor. New Family Search shows he died in San Bernardino, CA in 1879 at age 91. He was buried in Pomona, CA. Mary Ann died in Pomona 22 years later in 1901 at age 71. This warrants more research, as I have seen conflicting information in other places.

Larry said...

Thanks for these comments. I guess I need to set things up so I get notified of new comments. I updated the original post based on these comments and added the link to the Pioneer Overland Index.

Larry said...

Here is a link to his daughter Seviah's story. She came west earlier than her father.


Larry said...

And here are links to Find-A-grave sites.
Charles P Cunningham in Pomona.

and his wife Mary Williams Cunningham