Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coming out of the fog!

Ok, so I am now coming out of the end of school fog that has bogged me down for the past couple of months. I am so sorry but a belated Happy Birthday to David McGee (May 14)
and a Happy 16th Birthday to Spencer McGee (AIGHHHH!!! Get out of the road, new driver alert!!!!)on June 14And that brings us to A Happy Birthday to John McGee (Bishop Johnny!) on June 15
And thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes for me. I really did appreciate them!
Oh and don't forget
Happy Father's Day, DAD!!!
Love You ALL!!


Monty and Heidi said...

Happy Birthday John!
Happy Father's Day Dad!
Love you both.

Spencer, are you finished with your Eagle yet? Or are we safe on the roads for a while? I can't believe you're so old!

Spencer said...

that is a horrible picture of me GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti said...

Sorry Spencer, It was the only one I had in my computer that was of you alone. Post a better one ;-)