Saturday, September 27, 2008

Michael Heneage 11th Great Grandfather

Michael Heneage, was born 27 Sept 1540 in London Middlesex England. He received a BA and MA from St. Johns College, Cambridge in 1563 and 1566. In 1571, he became a member of Parliment, representing first, Arundel, then East Grinstead (1572) and later Tavistock (1588-1589) and Wiggin (1592-1593). He was an antiquarian and was appointed keeper of the records in the Tower. He was a member of the Society of Antiquaries (founded in 1572). Two of his papers, read before that society, were later published, On the Antiquity of Arms and On Sterling Money.
He had ten children with his wife Grace Honeywood. Michael died on 30 Dec 1600. We come through his daughter Lucy, whose son John Read was one of our immigrant ancestors to Massachusetts in the mid 1600's.

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