Monday, September 22, 2008

Ruth Amelia Newell: 2nd Great Grandmother

Ruth Amelia Newell born 22 Sept 1822 in New York is our 2nd Great Grandmother. She married Solomon Joseph Despain in 1842 in Illinois. We come through their first born son, William Joseph Despain, who was a twin, but his brother twin died at birth in 1843. Interestingly, their next child, born in 1845 was named Hyrum Smith Despain although the family didn't join the church until 1851. They had a few more kids in Illinois but soon after they were baptised, they moved to Arkansas where children were born in 1853, 1856 and 1858. They avoided the Civil War by finally moving to Utah where the last three kids were born in Granite in 1861, 1863 and 1866.
We should probably have a photo of Ruth but I don't have it at the moment.
She lived till 1901 and was buried in the Granite Cemetery.

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