Friday, September 5, 2008

Thirty years ago

As indicated on the last entry, Dan was born 30 years ago on Sept 4th. My grandfather, Ross McGee passed away the very next day Sept 5th, 1978. ( I was a bit too preoccupied to even register it till later) He was almost 96. He had just turned 70 when I was born, but still active working around the yard raising chickens and some crops like very fat carrots and beets while I was little. I remember family visits during the 60's eating watermelon on the front yard and jumping from a large tree stump into my dad's arms. The attached photo shows his second family started when he was 39. He remarried 2 years after his first wife died. At the time of the remarriage, he had five kids ages 2.5 to 12. The picture shows the six kids from the second marriage along with Aunt Elise
who stayed home to take care of them until they passed on.

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Lloyd said...

This picture was taken at the home we lived in in Granite until about Sept 1943. The picture was taken about the time Irene got married or maybe a little after. She got married a month after her 18th birthday. my Dad would have been about 60 years old in this picture.