Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joseph Knight Family Event: Privatized

Subject: Uninvite to Knight Cane Event

It has become necessary to rescind the invitation to the general Knight family to attend the Knight cane donation ceremony
at the Church Museum on 11 December 2008. We have been corrected that it was to be a private event according to Charmaine Higbee and Jill Vance-Droubay.

Please forward this email to other Knight family members who may have had interest to attend.

Joseph Knight is our 4th Great Grandfather. Here is an announcement from the Knight Family organization:

Through the remarkable efforts of Knight relatives Vicky Knight, James Knight and Julie Snetley,the original cane given to Joseph Knight, Sr., by Joseph Smith, Jr., on the streets of Nauvoo, has been secured and will be donated to the LDS Church in a special PRIVATE presentation in the auditorium of the Church's Historical Museum in Salt Lake City.

This historical donation of the Prophet's cane has been a long-awaited dream of the Knight Family Organization.

We recognize again the tremendous efforts of Vicky Knight, James Knight and Julie Snetley for making this all possible.

We are hoping to have the event written up in the Church News.

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