Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Solon Huff McGee: 1st Great Grand Father

Solon Huff McGee, our Great Grandfather was born 26 Nov 1853. He married his wife Emily Lucretia Robinson in 1876 when he was 22 and she was 20. This picture of him is labeled age 23. They lived in Missouri where their first 6 boys and one girl were born. Soon after 1890 they moved to Oklahoma. The next boy died at about 6 months. They completed the family with two more girls. A year after the last child was born, they joined the church in Oklahoma and then moved west to New Mexico. I showed the kids before. Here is a photo of them at their home in Kirtland New Mexico, dated 1903.


Lloyd said...

In looking at the picture, the one off to the right might be Ulysses
then startubg at the left I think that they might be Dad, Henry, Elwood and Grover. You have Carr already labeled. Mary Etta is the youngest girl, sally the oldest
Birth/Death dates
Ulysses 1877/1964, Elwood 1878/1968, Henry 1880/1976, Ross 1882/1978, Grover 1885/1968, Carr 1888/1939, Sally 1890/1980, Cam 1892/1893, Louella 1894/1980, Mary Etta 1897/1967
Hope Myrna gave you the information that she knows. Talk to you later love Dad

Larry said...

Aunt Myrna got back to me and was more certain about switching some of the names. So I updated the labels and reposted the picture as she labeled it.

wanda said...

My husband's g-grandfather was Solon Huff McGee and I found your blog by searching for images of him. Would it be possible for you to send me the highest resolution copies you have for the pictures in this post? My name is Wanda Ostler and my husband's mother was Cleoma McGee Ostler, daugther of Solon's son William Henry. I would be so grateful as I am trying to put together a heritage book for my children.