Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making up for lost time!

So sorry I've missed so many! My computer takes forever to get up and moving and I haven't had the energy or the time to post. It is at least a 45 to 60 minute project just to post from my computer and that doesn't include looking through pictures to find the best to send ;-) So here's my attempt to catch up (since i have an extra hour because an earlier meeting was cancelled for me tonight). :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL M.!!!! Hope you have an awesome day and make your kids (including Bob) treat you like royalty (or at least allow for some peace and quiet for you)!

Belated Happy Birthday LARRY! Thank you to all of
you who filled in for the birthday patrol during my absence.
I know there are other really good pictures of Larry but when I saw this one it made me feel like I could just hear the interesting comment that was about to come from his mouth. I think it is the mischievous glint in his eye. Also Happy Birthday to Jesse too!

Congrats to the new baby Wolf!

Here's pictures of our new family additions. Frank is holding Sadie. She is definitely his favorite and he spoils her royally!Here's our other girl, Molly. She is our basket case that we are working on. She is smart but has a lot of psychological issues to work through. (Katie-dog is laying on the floor behind Molly.) I am also working through my psychological issues. Frank is being understanding but I still end up getting sad when I watch them play because just the most odd and unexpected things will remind me of Ashley or Nikita.
So hopefully I am caught up. Love ya all!

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Lloyd said...

Happy birthday Rachel, I'm glad that patti got the picture posted since we only post words. Hope you have a happy day and Bob is taking you out to dinner today. Thanks Patti. Nice to get pictures of your "additions". Are you sure the one Frank is holding a dog. It could pass for a "black sheep"
Dad & Mom