Friday, April 24, 2009

Info about Dad/Grandpa

Hi all, just got a phone call from Mom/Grandma and Bob. Dad fell down some stairs at Andy's dorm and got a concussion. He lost consciousness for about 10 minutes or so and was admitted to Utah Valley Hospital for observation since they don't know if he blacked out before the fall or because of the fall. According to Mom, the x-ray showed two spots where there was bleeding on the brain. The physician who put in the 4 staples for the laceration he received on his head, indicated that Dad might be in the hospital for 3-4 days. And Mom said that he has a "beautiful black eye" to boot.
Mom is back in Brigham and Bob and Josh are going to the hospital to give Dad a blessing tomorrow.
Keep him and her in your prayers and we'll keep you updated as we know more.
Love ya all


Laura said...

Yikes! Hope all will be well.

Joshua J. McGee said...

As Patti said, Bob and I gave Grandpa a blessing this morning. About a half an hour later, the doctors came and told them they were moving him from the ICU; they were thinking that he might go home tomorrow. Later, the doctor said it will probably be on Monday.

He seems to be doing well. His biggest complaint is that he has a headache and he's concerned that he can't remember some things. But I think he'll be fine. The doctors seem more worried about finding out why he blacked out than they are about his current condition.

Dave and Linda Anderton said...

Thank you for the update. It is most appreciated.


Linda, Dave and Sam

Patti said...

Just spoke with Dad tonight. He was sounding much better but he is still very concerned that he is not able to stand or walk without a headache. The doctors apparently are doing tests on his heart and his arteries to see if it was a heart attack and/or stroke is my guess.

Catie McGee said...

Betsy called Catie this afternoon and said that Grandpa blacked out again today. They're still doing tests, but haven't found anything yet (as of noon).We're going to go see him again tonight.


Kleigh and Jenn said...

our prayers are with him

kc wishes he was there with grandpa

Patti said...
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Patti said...

Just an update to let you know that Dad is back in ICU tonight. They found blood clots in his lungs so they did a procedure where they put in a filter to help reduce the chance of more clots entering his lungs. Heidi saw him as he came out of the procedure. BOb and Josh were headed down to give him another blessing. That's the latest.

Patti said...

P.s. If you saw my comment with the phone number for his room, disregard as he is not in that room anymore. If you want to talk with him the best bet is to call Mom on her cell (she has it with her today) or Heidi on hers (although she has limited minutes unless you are on TMobile I think).