Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I suggested to Melody that it was time to let the entire family know about her heart condition since it was getting hard to keep track of who knew what. Today we had a follow up visit with her cardiologist to review her latest tests. In January she had an abnormal EKG which lead to an abnormal echo cardiogram, then to an MRI and nuclear medicine scan. What these tests have uncovered is that Melody was born with some abnormal veins from her lung to her heart and an atrial septal defect (abnormal hole between upper chambers of her heart). She does not have any symptoms from this that she is aware of. It has caused her heart to be enlarged. We are now going to see the Cardiologists at UCSF with plans to have corrective surgery in July. Her doctor assured us that this is not an emergency situation but that eventually she would need to have it corrected. Recovery from surgery would take 6 weeks, but she would be able to return to full activity after 8 weeks.


Laura said...

Oo scary- well, I'm glad they discovered the problem and are going to fix it. We'll be praying for your surgery.

Catie McGee said...

Oh my gosh, we went through the same thing with Benjamin. Let us know if we can do ANYTHING.

Catie McGee said...

I just thought of something, I have a friend (she used to babysit Benjamin) who is about Melody's age who has been through several heart surgeries. If you want I could ask her to call/email Melody about what it's like. Maybe it would help her to not be so nervous?

Kleigh and Jenn said...

very scary indeed.

we are praying for her too. we know the heart condition plight i have one that will require a pacemaker or a internal defibrillator

i was born with it too. i have an electrical short in mine

glad theres a fix for her none the less scary

Kleigh and Jenn said...

jenn wrote the above oops