Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to the beginning !!

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Point A is Lauderdale Alabama, the birthplace of Solomon Joseph Despain (Mom's great grandfather) in 1823. Point B is Lowryville Tennessee, the birthplace of Solon Huff McGee (Dad's grandfather)in 1853. Both moved their families west and joined the church. Interesting that these locations are within 40 miles of each other.

What else do these points have in common? They are both within the mission boundaries of Andy's call to the Birmingham Alabama Mission- Spanish Speaking.
Congratulations Andy. Some good people come from this part of the country.


Larry said...

BTW: Andy reports to the MTC in Provo on November 4th. His friend Jared goes on Nov 18th and is assigned to the Nashville Tn mission which is adjacent to Andy's mission.

Larry said...

Follwing up on Michele's side of the family, Amanda Caroline Sanders (Andy's 4th Greatgrandmother)and her mother Malinda Luna (also known as Linney Luna) were born in Lincoln County Tn in 1828 and 1812.

What would you guess that Lincoln County TN is also part of Andy's mission. (Near Fayetteville Tn)

Brittany said...

That's pretty cool Andy! You'll love the south! Very, very pretty! :)

rayecheal said...

Sorry, I haven't had internet access for a while. But congratulations Andy on your mission call! I'm sure you will love it!