Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Speaking of 'Over the Hill'

We're looking to find the location of the Family Reunion. Heidi told me Sunday she'd put a link up on the Blog so we could look for it ourselves, but still no word from her. The closest I can figure out is that it is somewhere off of this road. Heidi and Monte, can you point us closer?

Where is Monte and Heidi's cabin?

Dan will be flying in late Friday from Philadelphia so we want to have driving directions all figured out before we go.

Thanks for your help.



Catie McGee said...


This map will take you to Argyle Canyon Road which is the road that leads to the cabin. We put this address into our GPS and were able to get there.

Hope that helps until Heidi posts something.

Catie McGee said...

Ok, I can't get a link to the map but this is the address

Argyle Canyon Rd Duchesne, UT 84021