Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanks Monte and Heidi

The McGee Family Reunion held at Monte and Heidi's cabin. Rachel A has a nice post with more pictures.

The location was 5 miles off the paved road with the last one mile nearly straight up the side of the mountain with a path reminiscent of a road. If it had rained during our stay it would have been a disaster, so there was much prayer going on. Monte's brother called early Saturday morning to warn us of all the heavy rain along the Wasatch front, but while the thunder and lightening passed around us, we had hardly any rain and the roads stayed safe and passable. The count this year was about 33, although some people left before the last people arrived. The Saturday dinner was great with ham and turkey cooked by the experts Jim and Monte.

Highlight for us was Dan coming from Philadelphia with his friend Elaine who nearly won the overall Horseshoe competition.

Of course one other miracle was that Melody was able to attend a short 4 weeks after her open heart surgery. She also made a great showing in the horse shoe competition and gave no indication that she had any physical limitations. Of course she had a priesthood blessing before her surgery.

Please add pictures and your own comments to help document your experience this year.

Thanks again Monte and Heidi for hosting.

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