Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andy's letter for 9 June 2010

¿Como esta mi familia? y amigos si estan leyendo esta carta...

Well, my past week has been good. A short little summary: I have figured something about the South. No matter if it is raining or not, you will get wet. I biked in the rain (pouring rain mind you) and I also biked the other day when it was very clear, humid, and hot. I would say I was just as wet after biking in the sun as biking in the rain. It was gross hahaha. Ah well. It's good exercise. I think I'm getting better- I definitely feel it in my legs afterward. Also, I have helped discover chicks (pollitos) at a member's house and had the privilege of naming one. I named him Chowito. Meaning "Little Chow." and yes, he is the runt of the pack. I feel a part of the family already. What else... I had pretty delicious fish- fried in oil. OH. DEEP FRIED OREOS ARE DELICIOUS. So you take an oreo, pancake mix, and fry it in oil, until a nice golden brown. Take it out, and eat it. It is delicious. The South is so revolutionary with their cooking.

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