Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Andy's best friend

So Andy's best friend from our ward (Jared) is serving a mission in the Nashville Tennessee mission now, which is just to the north of Andy's mission. So we got this story from him today...

My companion and I (Jared) are walking out the apartment complex, and there's a young couple and the dude's mother sitting there and eating watermelon. We say hello, and then they offer us some watermelon(!!!!!). End of story.

No, but then we get to talking and all that good stuff, and it turns out he's a less active member, she's not a member, and the mother knows a lot about the church but isn't a member either! She's visiting her son and came up from Alabama. Well then I told her that I had a buddy that was actually serving a mission down in Alabama, and she asked what his name was (like she'd know!). "Elder Chow," I told her. "Yeah! He's Spanish speaking and teaching my next door neighbor right now! He usually comes by there on Thursdays." !!!!?!?!?!?? WHAT?!?!!!!! I grabbed out my camera to make sure we were talking about the same crazy cute chinese child, and lo and behold, it was!~!!! I then grabbed a picture of me, wrote a quick note, and wrote down the wrong address to the mission office so he could write me. (Can you give the right address to Sister McGee please?!?!)


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