Friday, August 19, 2011

Andy transferred to the land of our ancestors

From facebook: Michele McGee> Andy just had what could be his final transfer in Alabama. He now is in Florence which is in the NW corner of Alabama near the Mississippi and Tennessee borders. Home in 12 weeks.

Larry: Florence AL is the county seat for Lauderdale County Alabama. Solomon Joseph DeSpain was born in Lauderdale County in 1823. He joined the church in Illinois in 1851 and later moved west.

Andy is now serving again as a Zone leader. His zone extends into Tennessee where Lowryville, Hardin TN is part of the Alabama mission (about 36 miles from Florence). That is the birthplace of Solon Huff McGee (b 1853) who joined the church in 1898 in Oklahoma and moved west a few years later.

Lauderdale County AL and Hardin County TN are adjacent to each other.

There is a new Elder in Andy's mission, Elder Despain assigned to one of the ward's in Andy's zone. I asked Andy to check if there is a relationship.


Lloyd said...

I see by the pictures posted that Andy is Zone Leader Jr. Does that mean the two missionaries are both ZL's in the same zoneand that Andy is the Jr. When we were in the MBM they usually had a zone leader and his companion was called the ZLC or zone leader companion.
What did Andy find ojut about Elder Despain like where is he from?

Larry said...

Andy has been a Senior zone leader before but then was a district leader before being a zone leader again. I think in this case that both zone leaders are experienced missionaries. In another zone, it looked like the ZL had a brand new missionary as a companion.

Andy will get my message about his zone on Monday so i don't expect him to learn about Elder Despain until a week or two after that.