Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rachel's comments on the Family Reunion

Rachel started this blog but puts all the interesting stuff on her own blog. Here is a link to her comments and pictures from the recent reunion. Look it up.


Patti said...

In her defense, Rachel only set up this blog because the family asked if anyone knew how to and at the time she was the only one willing.

rayecheal said...

Thanks for the defense! I can't really monopolize the family blog with my personal posts, so I try to post the important updates here, but everything else is on my own blog! :) Plus, I had my own blog before this one started . . . Just saying :)

Lloyd said...

BTW Rachel
We are planning another temple date for Grandma's actual BD on 1 Sep at the Draper Temple for the 11 am session if you want to come up for it. That is a Thursday so it might be a problem foryou
love Grandpa