Monday, August 1, 2011

Final announcement/schedule:

In case you are wondering, Yes I do look for excuses to make invitations/fliers!
I wanted to let everyone know that:
    1. I am still planning on about 30 people.
    2. The 7200 West exit (off highway 201) is supposed to be closed this weekend. If your directions/GPS's have you taking this exit, you will need to change your plans. I suggest taking 5600 West (that's the one I always take anyway).
    3. If you are not planning to attend the Temple session, you are welcome to come here instead. Heidi is planning on being here at about 8am to watch my kids and I think Adam and Betsy will be here early as well.
    4. Benjamin is planning on all the kids playing in the sandbox so plan on them getting a little dirty.
    5. We would like to have a "Game Night" after dinner. Please feel free to bring your favorite game and hangout here as late as you want. We are planning to have a couple of kids games (Candy Land etc) as well as a movie for the little ones.

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