Sunday, August 26, 2007

A great website for good health

I wanted to share a website I've been using called I used their sister site, Babyfit, while I was pregnant and now I'm using SparkPeople to lose the baby weight. It has tons of great resources, like a food tracker where you can enter the food you eat each day and see how many calories you're taking in. You can also track nutrients and other specific things, like I set mine up to track my fiber intake as well. It also has some features similar to MySpace and other social networking sites, so you can create a "Spark Page" and add people to your friends if you want extra support. It's fun and easy to track your weight and measurements with personalized tickers and graphs that show your progress. I'm halfway to my weight goal now, but I've also been able to get some great new recipes, ideas for workouts, and articles on health and fitness. Come get fit with me! :o)


rayecheal said...

Wow, this is a really interesting website. I've been looking into finding ways to just eat healthier. Do you follow their meal plans or just the general guidelines? It seems that it would be a lot more expensive to follow their meal plans, but I haven't decided yet if that would be worth it to me to eat healthier.

Laura said...

I have my thing set up so their meal plans show up on my nutrition tracker, then you have to check off each food in the plan if you actually eat it. I really haven't followed the meal plan but I do look at it sometimes just to gauge how many vegetables and things I should be eating. I'm a vegetarian so my meal plan is helpful sometimes to see different kinds of protein sources and things I could try.

rayecheal said...

ok, thats probably what I am going to do because I don't think I can afford some of the stuff they have listed on there, though they sound good, like that pumpkin shake recipe! I wish I could try that, but protein powder and soy milk sound expensive.